Adjunct Faculty, English

Columbia International University
College of Arts and Sciences
July 01, 2019

This position provides overall instruction for students enrolled in first year resident English courses at CIU. Since this is a resident teaching position, the adjunct will be required to teach on campus.


Teach one or more first year English courses (ENG 1110 and/or ENG 1111). These courses require the instructor to:
• Assist students in navigating a range of writing processes, including generating and developing ideas, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.
• Assist students to develop a clean, effective writing style, free of major errors.
• Assist students to develop skills in paraphrasing, summarizing, and outlining ideas.
• Explain and help students to apply appropriate conventions of documentation and citation when using source materials.
• Yearly affirm the institution’s mission, doctrinal position, and community standards.

Specific teaching outcomes vary for each course, but broadly speaking, faculty should be able to do the following:

• ENG 1110
• Develop students’ reading comprehension and analyzation skills.
• Assist students in customizing papers to different audiences.
• Integrate informational literacy assignments through multiple research activities and exercises.
• Integrate visual communication in written texts as a means of providing data and articulating concepts and ideas.
• Teach students how to develop a working bibliography for researched writing.

ENG 1111
• Teach a variety of texts including poetry, drama, and short fiction.
• Assist students in ways to analyze a literary text.
• Teach students basic literary terminology and conventions, such as symbolism, rhyme and meter, metaphor, personification, simile, irony, paradox, theme, tone, characterization, plot devices, etc.
• Develop a foundation for appreciating the diverse literary qualities of the Bible.

  • Experience teaching introductory college composition courses.
  • Ability to teach effectively at the college level.
  • Competency in utilizing learning management tools and classroom technology.
  • Understanding of the needs and trends associated with traditional college age students.
  • Minimum masters degree in English or related field from an accredited university; an earned doctorate (PhD or equivalent) in English and or/composition and rhetoric from an accredited university is preferred.
  • Commitment to CIU’s mission and vision, and commitment to live within the standards of the CIU community.


If you meet the qualifications and are interested, please apply online by completing the Resident Adjunct for the College of Arts and Sciences application. (Link is at the bottom of the Employment Opportunities page.)