Ben Lippen Middle School Principal

Ben Lippen Upper School
40 hours/12 months
July 01, 2018


The Ben Lippen Middle School Principal gives supervision to the middle school faculty, staff, students and programs.


  • Supervises faculty and staff daily operations and conducts faculty meetings.
  • Plans and monitors faculty teaching schedules.
  • Observes and evaluates teaching and classroom effectiveness.
  • Prepares and monitors student daily class schedules.
  • Oversees student discipline procedures.
  • Coordinates student activities and monitors the Middle School budget.
  • Maintains and monitors faculty and administrative parent communications.
  • Plans and consults with the Executive Team.
  • Assesses and communicates repair and improvement needs to the maintenance department and to the Headmaster as needed.
  • Meets with new families and conducts admissions interviews.
  • Interviews prospective faculty members and makes recommendations for hiring.
  • Performs other administrative and teaching duties as required and assigned by the Headmaster.


  • Knowledge of and commitment to personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Knowledge and background in sound educational practices.
  • Knowledgeable in sound business practices as they relate to educational planning.
  • Ability to relate well with people.
  • Ability to give attention to a variety of details.
  • Ability to effectively supervise multiple staff members.
  • Ability to organize and manage well.
  • Ability to publicly communicate with appropriate verbal and writing skills in a knowledgeable, informative and endearing manner.
  • Must have a minimum of an earned Bachelor degree.  A Master degree in the area of educational administration is preferable.
  • Must maintain administrative certification with a recognized educational organization.
  • Must have a minimum of three years administrative and/or five years teaching experience.