Ben Lippen School Accommodations Coordinator

Ben Lippen Upper School
40 Hours/ 10 months
August 01, 2019


The Ben Lippen Learning Accommodations Coordinator is responsible to:

  • oversee the learning accommodations program.
  • work closely with Principals, School Counselor, teachers, parents, and students to coordinate accommodation services.
  • write “Classroom Observation” portion of psycho-educational reports.
  • understand and explain psycho-educational reports, in particular the assessments of Cognitive Ability and Academic Achievement Levels and their relevance to accommodations.
  • attend meetings with district school psychologist.
  • write accommodation plans for students.
  • coordinate and lead accommodations meetings with parents, student, and teachers.
  • monitor student progress and use of accommodations.
  • renew accommodation plans on a yearly basis.
  • coordinate accommodations for PSAT, final exams, and standardized testing.
  • keep records of appropriate documentation.
  • act as SSD Coordinator for College Board (and equivalent for ACT).


The ideal candidate for the Learning Accommodation Coordinator position should possess:

  • a bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Master’s degree in Special Education and/or Education Specialist certificate preferred.
  • ACSI teacher certification.
  • three years of experience in a school setting.
  • strong administrative and interpersonal skills.
  • a strong knowledge and experience in the area of special education (in particular students who have Communication Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder, and Motor Disorder).
  • knowledge of the rights that private school students with special needs have to receive public school services.
  • understanding of College Board and ACT documentation requirements for students with disabilities.
  • knowledge of available scholarships for students with special needs.
  • a passion for discipling students and investing in their spiritual formation.