Ben Lippen School Fine Arts Director

Ben Lippen School
30 hours/10 months
August 01, 2018


The Fine Arts Director must be knowledgeable of and assume responsibility for the effective and efficient operation of the total school fine arts program, consistent with the Christian philosophy of Ben Lippen School.  He/she must perform the duties and responsibilities of the position to the ultimate benefit of the entire spiritual/educational program. He/she will plan, coordinate, and supervise the program and personnel in such a way as to enhance the morale of the school, promote the overall efficiency of the school and maximize spiritual/educational opportunities and benefits available to each individual student.


  • Identify major needs and issues specific to this division on an ongoing basis and ensure resolution through the leadership team.  
  • Articulate the vision and goals of the division on an ongoing basis to current and prospective parents. 
  • Serve as member of the leadership team to assist in planning and calendaring for Ben Lippen School.
  • Evaluate and enhance the curriculum, textbooks, enrichment activities and other learning resources and programs of the Fine Arts program.
  • Observe and evaluate all fine arts faculty and staff on an ongoing basis throughout the school year, and provide relevant and stimulating in-service experiences.  
  • Prepare and submit the department’s budgetary requests and monitor expenditures.
  • Facilitate the procurement of educational supplies and materials for each area of the arts by coordinating and communicating budget and educational considerations to fine arts staff.
  • Oversee all extra-curricular activities and assist advisors of these organizations in setting and meeting goals. 
  • Plan and facilitate appropriate end-year activities including awards assemblies, school wide fine arts Christmas and year end programs, competition and/or festival experiences.
  • Manage and direct private lesson program including attracting and retaining qualified arts instructors.
  • Develop and maintain healthy relationship and on-going dialog between the athletic and fine arts programs to ensure student opportunities and interests are elevated above individual program goals.
  • Maintain communications between the headmaster and fine arts faculty.
  • Direct and manage the fine arts staff for fine arts matters.


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in related field of music
  • ACSI certified
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Have a deep commitment to and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.