Director Institutional Research

Institutional Research-Academic Affairs
40 hours/12 months
April 04, 2018


The Director of Institutional Research provides coordinative leadership for CIU’s institutional effectiveness program by formatting, facilitating, producing and presenting research initiatives related to the implementation of CIU’s assessment plan, and the documentation of the achievement of CIU’s corporate mission, educational and student learning goals, and operational objectives.  He/she oversees the generation, presentation, analysis, and dissemination of focused management information for effective decision-making at the board, executive administration, administrative unit, school and educational program levels.  This person serves as the key-holder for government, accreditation, and other associational reports.


  1. Produce and maintain databases related to the institutional effectiveness program:
    1. Maintain historical data files for future reference.
    2. Maintain the educational goals and unit mission and goals documents.
    3. Produce FactBooks, SurveyBooks and other compendia of relevant information.
    4. Serve as CIU IPEDS and accreditation key-holder for annual data reporting.
    5. Prepare summary reports and presentations based on the data.
    6. Develop appropriate relevant contextual/benchmarking data.
  1. Implement research projects of a routine and occasional nature:
    1. Implement the administration of locally-constructed and commercial instruments.
    2. Conduct the administration of other relevant research process.
    3. Apply appropriate principles and procedures for sampling.
  1. Process quantitative (and occasional qualitative) data, producing summary reports with interpretive observations:
    1. Oversee the processing of the data generated in the data collection process.
    2. Determine the formatting of the data for presentation purposes.
    3. Discern relationships between variables, estimate the “face value” of data, and apply an informed, but common-sense approach to the data.
    4. Identify, compile and analyze external data for contextual and bench-marking purposes.
    5. Research the location of useful data sources, particularly on the web (e.g. IPEDS, Association for Institutional Research, U-CAN).  Maintain CIU’s relationship to the data.
    6. Format CIU data so that it is useful for making comparisons with bench marking sources through the application of EX/InfoMaker and other software programs.
  1. Produce reports which are attractive, understandable, accurate and relevant to management information needs:
    1. Use graphics and text to produce reports which accurately summarize and simplify complex data relationships.
    2. Coordinate institutional research activities with other producers and users of data.
    3. Network with internal data constituencies for maximum effectiveness in gathering, processing and disseminating management information.
    4. Publish key CIU data presentations on the CIU Intranet and MS SharePoint.
  1. Assist in the oral presentation of research findings to the CIU constituencies:
    1. Develop professional oral and media presentations for CIU constituencies.


  • Three years of relevant experience.
  • Basic understanding of educational research.
  • Knowledge of one or more statistical software programs preferred.
  • General knowledge of higher education processes.
  • Experience with computer applications, e.g. Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and SharePoint preferred.
  • Master's degree