High School College Admissions Coordinator

Ben Lippen Upper School
40 hours/10 months
August 01, 2019


College Admissions
1. Coordinate the admissions process for each high school senior.

  • Applications
  • Transcripts (Ben Lippen, international)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • ESL/TOEFL requirements (college and major specific, subscore specific)
  • SAT/ACT requirements (college and major specific)
  • Supplementary materials for international students: financial certification forms, bank statements, copies of I-20, visa, and passport, etc.
  • College application deadlines (early action, early decision, regular, international); advise students as to which to apply for
  • Manage Naviance student accounts for college process
  • Advise students on their college application selections based on their acceptance potential and fit for major
  • Schedule college admission counselor visits to the Ben Lippen Campus
  • Coordinate with the Boarding Student Admissions Coordinator with the release of I-20’s for college attendance.
  • Assist the Assistant to the Upper School Principal with the Graduation and Candlelight services

2. Provide direction to underclassmen and their families regarding available options and requirements for collegiate study.

  • Maintain knowledge base on admissions requirements for various colleges and post high school options.
  • Maintain knowledge base on financing options including scholarship award levels, requirements and options.
  • Meet with current families to discuss academic performance requirements, course selection for desired major in college, and test score requirements.

3. Maintain, develop and strengthen relationship with colleges and universities that serve Ben Lippen students.

  • Regularly contact college admissions staff at post-Ben Lippen institutions to access current admission requirements.
  • Assess performance of BLS students at these institutions (state law requires 1st semester grades be reported to Ben Lippen).
  • Attend high school college admission coordinator meetings for updates yearly (Clemson/USC/CofC and Duke/GWU/Stanford breakfasts)
  • Attend NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counselors) spring meeting.

4. Testing

  • Test preparation
  • Seek out and evaluate various testing options for students, based on grade level, usage by their institution’s evaluation tools, etc.
  • SAT, ACT, and TOEFL testing
  • Maintain and report database on BLS performance and trends.
  • Coordinate and oversee testing day for PSAT, Pre-ACT, Princeton Review ACT Practice, and Princeton Review SAT Practice.
  • Assist the Director of Academics with overseeing the ERB CTP assessments.
  • Coordinate Advanced Placement testing.

5. Scholarships

       1.  Seniors

  • Keep current information on both institutional and private scholarships. and communicate deadlines, eligibility requirements, and other pertinent information to the senior class.
  • Assist students with counselor forms, recommendation letters, and transcripts.
  • Identify and assist students eligible for applying for top tier scholarships and complete counselor recommendations.
  • Identify and assist students in applying for other eligible scholarships not open to the entire class

       2.  Juniors

  • Complete recommendations to various institutions for junior scholar status. (Wofford, Furman, Presbyterian, College of Charleston, etc)
  • Notify students of Palmetto Boy’s State and Girl’s State deadlines for applications and supporting documents.  Appoint a BLS committee for delegate and alternate selections each spring.  Submit documentation to each organization.

6. Administrative Tasks

        1. Prospective Families

  • Maintain database on acceptance results for graduating BLS students.  Data shall be provided in an easy to understand format for marketing to prospective families.
  • Maintain database on SAT, ACT, and TOEFL results providing data for marketing.
  • Meet with prospective parents as needed to discuss performance of BLS students post-high school.

       2. International Students

  • a. Fully understand and document ESL requirements for US college admissions.
  • b. Assist school with strategic planning to enhance international program.
  • c. Prepare documentation and presentation material for international marketing program.

       3. ACSI

       4. Strategic Planning

       5. Marketing

       6. Maintain log of senior community service hours for completion of graduation requirement.

 7. Assist juniors and seniors in class ring and graduation supplies ordering. 

 8. Assist and perform other tasks that may be required from time-to-time to promote the school internally and within the community.



• Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field required, Master’s Degree in a related field preferred.
• ACSI certification is required.
• State certification is preferred.
• 2 years’ experience in college guidance, college admissions, or related field in a school setting is preferred.
• Demonstrated experience working in a diverse international community and strong cross-cultural skills.

• Problem-Solver: Ability to find solutions to difficult situations and find suitable resources
• Service-Oriented: Ability to show genuine concern and empathy to students and their parents
• Effective Communicator: Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing
• Trustworthy: Must maintain ethical confidentially
• Flexible: Openness to be willing to meet with students and parents whenever necessary
• Team Player: Ability to work within the high school faculty and administration to present a united front
• Organized and Detail Orientation: Ability to keep accurate records in a timely manner
• Computer Proficiency: Ability to use multiple computer programs
• Christian Scholar: Seeks to continue to grow in godliness and expertise in counseling practices