Math Lab Tutor

Ben Lippen Upper School
8-12 hours/week; 8 months
October 15, 2018


The Ben Lippen math lab tutor will assist students ranging from grades 6-12 with completing their math homework. 


  • Assist students by guiding them through questions that arise while completing math homework
  • Establish a strong academic, social and cognitive presence
  • Communicate with parents as needed (and with the supervision of the Math Lab Coordinator)


  • A demonstrated proficiency in various levels of math, i.e. 6th grade math-Calculus
  • A demonstrated familiarity with the iPad as a learning tool
  • A clear desire and ability to tutor in a student-centered, problem-based learning environment
  • A demonstrated ability to lead students toward collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking
  • Desire or experience working in a diverse international community and demonstration of strong inter-cultural skills.
  • High school diploma, completion of advanced math courses preferred