Payroll and Benefits Assistant

Columbia International University
Human Resources
40 hours/12 months
October 01, 2020

Performs complex and administrative duties for payroll/benefits manager; maintains benefits files; provides necessary employee documentation to payroll; responds to employee questions and requests for information on benefits and payroll; gathers and records internal and governmental information; assists with projects as needed.


  • Assist those needing help with personnel matters, answering employee questions and meeting their payroll and benefits needs.
  • Assist with benefits administration: 
    Health Plans, Flexible Benefits, Education Benefits, Retirement Plan, and Attendance tracking.  This includes orientation(s), sign-up periods, distributing and collecting employee forms and data, completing the process accurately and effectively, as well as timely.
  • Contact and meet with employees, supervisors, students and international students to obtain, explain and assist them in their completion of all required payroll and benefit information (such as: PAC’s, I-9, E-Verify, W4, direct deposit bank information, and time keeping).
  • Prepare and file Federal and multi-State tax payments and reports quarterly and annually.
  • Assist with maintenance of payroll data in Jenzabar, specifically employee information, benefit deductions, information changes and corrections, as well as employee and employer taxes.  Records and information must be up to date and accurate.
  • Maintain the database for all employee health benefits, retirement plan, and educational benefits. 
  • Assist the benefits manager with special projects, needs and research (including corporate and 401k auditors, census requests as well as Workmen’s Comp. needs, W2 preparation and distribution).
  • Assist in collection, submission, calculation and communication of the minister’s housing allowance and records.
  • Oversee attendance reports in the payroll software and distribute reports to employees as needed.
  • Handle employment termination details and paperwork for all payroll and benefit related areas (including
  • HIPPA and retirement distribution).
  • Assist and coordinate recognition awards.
  • Complete and process all employment verifications, unemployment forms, domestic relations forms, Notice of Levi’s, etc.
  • Create and maintain all payroll files for all new and terminated employees and student workers.
  • Work with Career Services and Financial Aid on student employment.
  • Perform other duties as needed.
  • Ability to meet and deal tactfully and congenially with administration, supervisors, employees, students and others.
  • Skill in composition, typing accurately with reasonable speed much detailed data, correspondence, and reports.
  • Computer skills, with reasonable proficiency in Jenzabar, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Softdocs.
  • Great attention to detail and accuracy with numbers and data.
  • Thorough knowledge of office procedures and equipment.
  • Ability to handle many interruptions, analyze problems, know the systems, policies and come to a solution, occasionally all at the same time.
  • Knowledge, experience, and accuracy in accounting and payroll procedures required.
  • Possessing patience, fair-mindedness, respect and integrity.
  • Emotionally stable and flexible to deal with the unexpected.
  • High ability to discern and maintain confidentiality.
  • AA degree or equivalent.
  • Three years of directly related payroll and benefit assistant experience required.



CIU provides a benefits package that includes:

  • 100% of employee’s cost of membership in the Health Plan
  • 401(k) plan with match opportunity 
  • 100% of employee’s cost of group life insurance
  • Long term disability insurance
  • Vacation days, holidays, sick leave, family leave
  • Educational benefits are available