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Are there opportunities for student leadership?

The Student Senate is the executive cabinet responsible for representing the students before the administration and communicating back to the students. The presidents of all student organizations serve on the Senate with the four student senate executive officers. Opportunities for leadership also include; The Student Union, Student Mission Connection, The Finial, Married Student Association, African American Student Association, Grad Life Council, Mu Kappa, The Exchange, International Students Ministries, The Credo, Freshmen Leadership Team, Class Officers and Pilgrims Protest.

What is the retention rate?

81%.  This is the fourth highest in the state for private institutions.

Is CIU affiliated with a denomination?

CIU is made up of many denominations of people and is unaffiliated. We strive towards a basis of evangelical unity. 

What is the male to female ratio?

Undergraduate: 47% male students and 53% female students.  Graduate and Seminary: 56% male students and 44% female students.

Does CIU have Security?

Security patrols campus night and day. Campus Security can be reached at (803) 513-3967.

What does it mean to be a transfer student?

If a student is transferring in less than 24 credits, they need to proceed with the normal registration process including a high school transcript and test scores. However, if they are transferring in more than 24 credits, the high school transcript and test scores are not necessary.

Are there opportunities for overseas experiences?

TraveLearn is a department dedicated to helping students receive cross cultural experiences by providing opportunities for foreign internships, study tours, student teaching, and semesters abroad.

How can students get involved in local churches, youth groups etc?

CIU holds an annual church fair made up of 30-40 churches that are connected CIU. The students can speak to members and leaders of the churches as well as talk to other students that attend those churches. CIU also has curriculum within the core classes that requires students to attend several different congregations.

What recreational opportunities are there for students?

The freshman class is guided by their leadership in a way that builds unity among the students. Recreational outings, group building activities, and scheduled events are all planned by the Freshman Leadership Team.

CIU have the following teams competing at the collegiate level: Men's Soccer, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Men's and Women's Basketball.

CIU has a variety of intramural sports which include; Co-Ed Volleyball, Co-Ed Flag Football, Co-Ed Dodge ball, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Co-Ed Indoor Soccer, and Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee.


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