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Can I work on campus?

Yes. All student employment positions are posted online at and on the bulletin board in the Administration Building near Human Resources.

What are the class sizes?

Undergraduate: average class size is 20 students.  Graduate and Seminary: average class size is 14 students.

What is there to do in Columbia with a group of friends?

Is it Historic? Gracious? Southern? Columbia, South Carolina encompasses each of these and much more! Columbia tantalizes all of your senses with a relaxing; comfortable pace; an abundance of playgrounds including Lake Murray, rivers, parks, gardens and the Riverbanks Zoo - one of the best in the country; the 5 Universities and Fort Jackson.

What can I do when I'm on campus, but I'm not in class?

Wanna get outside for a while?  (Why, yes!!  I do!)  How about a walk to the Pointe or a hike on our 400+ acres, a bike ride to the lake, or a game of ultimate frisbee on the lawn?!  Do you enjoy a little physical competition?  We have the following intramurals: football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and more!

What kind of sports program do you have?

CIU offers a variety of intramural sports. Intramural sports are free for all students, staff and alumni. Students enjoy a variety of intramural sports, including Co-Ed Flag Football, Co-Ed Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Co-Ed Indoor Soccer, and Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee.

Do you have a business program?

Yes. Our Business and Organizational Leadership program has an international emphasis, and prepares students for serving the Lord world-wide, both in the traditional market place and in non-profit activities.

Does CIU accept Advance Placement (AP) courses and CLEP testing?

Yes, have students contact AP and have their scores sent directly to the admissions office.  Student must score a 3 or higher to earn college credit.  A score of 5 might earn the student additional credit.


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