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What ministry opportunities will be available to student-athletes?

Teams will conduct and manage ministry opportunities within their own team.  However, there will be an expectation that each team will create the opportunities on a regular basis.  This will include community service, youth seminars, camps, and ministry/mission trips.

How much time per week will I need to commit to my team during the season?

This will be determined by the head coach.  However, on average a team will practice two hours/day, five days a week.  During the season, the time commitment will be higher because of travel and competition.  Also, some teams require more or less time depending on the nature of their sport.  For example, collegiate golf competes by playing two-day tournaments, 18 holes each day.  Each day will be four to five hours long.  Cross Country, however, may take one hour each a day of intense training.  Off-season training will be determined by the head coach.&nbs

How will team members be selected?

All students will have the opportunity to "try-out" for a team.  Try-outs will be determined by the coach and all skill levels will be observed by the coach.  A student’s athletic experience, and the number of other students trying out for the team, will determine the difficulty of "making a team."  The CIU athletic administration will encourage inclusiveness, but ultimately the coach is in charge of the formation of his/her team with the goal of being competitive in the NCCAA.

How was the CIU mascot chosen?

The mascot selection began with a survey of students, faculty, staff and alumni in the fall of 2010.  Over 200 surveys were reviewed by a CIU task force comprised of CIU faculty, staff, alumni, evangelists, international representatives and coaches.  They narrowed the potential mascots to eight finalists, and then two.  The task force unanimously selected "The Rams."

Who will CIU compete against?

CIU will primarily compete against other schools in the South Region of the NCCAA.  Members of the NCCAA are allowed to be "dual members" with other associations such as the NCAA and NAIA.  Therefore, CIU will compete against schools in our region who are members of the NCCAA, NCAA, and NAIA.

Will athletic scholarships be available?

Yes,  CIU will award limited athletic scholarships.  The scholarships will be awarded to individuals by the team’s coach, in cooperation with the office of Student Financial Services.  The athletic director will manage the distribution of athletic scholarships.

What sports will CIU offer?

CIU has a five- to eight-year athletics plan that includes the following sports:  

Men - Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Baseball, Golf     
Women - Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball

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