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Online Courses

What if I do not finish a course?

A final grade will be processed based on the work that has been completed for the course. Any work not submitted will be calculated as a zero.

What if I need more time to finish a course?

Students taking an Undergraduate course may petition for a six-month extension if 50% of the course work is completed satisfactorily at least 30 days before the end of the semester. Extensions are not available for students taking Seminary or Graduate School courses.

How long do I have to complete a course?

You will have approximately four months for the Fall and Spring courses and two months for Summer courses. Students taking Undergraduate and Graduate School courses can begin work anytime after the syllabus is posted and work may be submitted for grading once you have registered for the course. All work is to be completed by the end of the semester. See the Course Calendar & Deadlines for specific dates.

When can I begin a course?

Syllabi for upcoming semesters are posted online at You can purchase materials and begin working on a course anytime after the syllabus is posted. Registration for Summer and Fall courses opens in April, and registration for Spring courses opens in November.

Can I take an online course as part of a semester load?

Yes! You can take any combination of online and on-campus courses; however, not more than 49% of a degree program may be taken through online courses. Freshmen and sophomore undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 cannot take independent courses as part of a semester load without a waiver from the Undergraduate Dean's Office.

Will courses transfer to other colleges and universities?

CIU is a regionally accredited university, and generally, courses transfer readily; however, the college receiving transfer credit sets policies regarding transfer, so check with the school you wish to transfer credit to prior to registering for a course. For more information on transfer registration, contact the CIU Registrar's Office at or (803) 807-5059.

Is financial aid available for online courses?

Yes, students taking online courses may be eligible for financial aid if they are enrolled in a degree program at CIU. Students who are eligible may receive Federal and state funds. Students who wish to receive aid must complete the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at . All online courses qualify for military Tuition Assistance and Veteran's Benefits. For more information on financial aid, contact CIU's Student Financial Services Office at or (803) 807-5036.

How do online courses work?

Courses are designed with textbook readings, audio/video lectures, online class discussion, written assignments and projects, online quizzes and examinations. Work is submitted in progress reports; exams are taken through approved proctors online. You will need to commit approximately 10 hours per week in a Fall or Spring online course, and 20 hours per week in a Summer online course

How can I look at syllabi for courses?

Current syllabi are available online. Click on the courses link, then find the course you want to view and click on the course title.


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