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How can my student get the disability accommodations he/she needs?

Contact the Academic Success Center, (803) 807-5611, and request the verification of disability packet. The verification form will need to be completed by your health care professional and returned with a copy of their diagnostic report to the ADS Office. It is best to do this as early as possible as some accommodations take time to put into place.

Does CIU accept CLEP credit and how could my student benefit from CLEP?

Yes, CIU does accept CLEP credit. The catalog lists the CLEP tests accepted by CIU and the courses which students can test out of. The office of Academic & Disability Services administers the CLEP program here at CIU and can answer additional questions.

Is the campus wireless?

All of the major buildings on campus have wireless capability. Currently there is WiFi access in: all residence halls, the Student Center, the Computer Lab, the Library, the Fitness Center, the classroom buildings and the Alumni Building.

Does a student have to have a laptop computer to use the library electronic databases?

No, the library has numerous "public access" computers for student use. In addition, the computer lab has several other computers from which students can access the library website, catalog, and electronic databases.

Are students required to have a laptop computer?

No, students are not required to have a laptop. The Student Computing Center, located on the second floor of the Ridderhof Building, provides computers for use by students. A sign-in which permits access to the university's academic computing resources is available at the Student Computing Center front desk. Computers on campus are PC-compatible and run on a Microsoft Windows platform. For additional assistance or questions, contact (803) 807-5147 or

Do you have trainers on staff?

No, we will have instructors for various classes, but they are third party and not employed by the school. We do not have personal trainers--although the athletic deptartment staff can give you some help in this area.

Is the gym free?

Yes, the gym is included in the tuition and fees for all full-time students (part-time students do have an additional fee to pay).

How will I know if my student is eligible for financial aid?

All students should apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA and the CIU Scholarship Application. The Office of Student Financial Services receives the ISIR (Institutional Student Information Report) from the FAFSA processor several business days after the FAFSA is completed by the student. Student Financial Services will contact the student via the email address reported on the FAFSA to request additional documentation if needed. Next the student's eligibility will be determined.


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