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What do Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture graduates say about the education they received at CIU?

"My professors mentored and challenged me in my walk with Christ inside and outside the classroom.  I didn’t feel like a student.  I felt like a friend.  Watching their authenticity and passion for being a Christ follower had a tremendous impact on my own personal walk with Christ.  I don’t believe there is a better place than CIU to prepare you for student ministry.”
Brent Metcalf
Youth Pastor (Middle and High School Ministries)
Brevard Community Church in Brevard, NC

“The knowledge I gained from studying and researching prepared me for preaching and teaching the Word of God, and gave me the wisdom I need to work with youth.  CIU helped me see the importance of God in everything I do and to realize who I am in Jesus Christ.  Through CIU, I found the gifts and talents that exist within me, and I became bold and courageous.  My CIU experiences with God, professors, and friends changed my life.”
LaToya Reed
Assistant chaplain and Spiritual Development Volunteer Coordinator
South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

“Youth Ministries Director Dr. David Olshine set a high standard for me and my classmates.  When I graduated from Columbia International University, I knew that I was part of a ministry movement that was making a difference in the world and Dr. Olshine played a crucial role in that outcome.”
Bryant Laird
On staff with World Changers and Power-Plant North American Mission Board