Master of Arts in Chaplaincy


The M.A. in Chaplaincy provides you with specialized skills to perform the pastoral, caregiver, emotional, and spiritual support roles of a chaplain. It prepares you to serve as a chaplain in a military, institutional, or organizational context.


This program will equip you to:

  • Apply the biblical, theological, and doxological aspects of chaplaincy in pluralistic settings
  • Practice a ministry of God’s presence internally and be a bearer of God’s presence to others
  • Practice biblical leadership and ministry skills that display God’s presence


Potential ministry opportunities for program graduates include serving as a:

  • Corporate chaplain
  • Military chaplain
  • Healthcare chaplain
  • Public safety chaplain
  • Institutional chaplain
  • Sports chaplain
  • Educational chaplain
  • Disaster relief chaplain

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Featured Faculty: 
A photo of Michael Langston, professor of Chaplain Ministries at CIU. Michael W. Langston
Professor of Chaplain Ministries

B.S., University of Louisiana; M.A., The Naval War College; M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; D. Min., Bethel Theological Seminary