Master of Business Administration

The online Master of Business Administration program at CIU is perfect for you if you already work in the marketplace and need flexible hours to complete your degree.

You’ll study the principles and best practices of effective and ethical leadership and management. Taught from a biblical worldview, the MBA program prepares you for success as an entrepreneur, business professional and organizational leader in for-profit and nonprofit settings where skills in management, economics, finance, and other business-related disciplines are needed.


The MBA equips you to:

  • Learn generally recognized principles, dynamics, and best practices in the core disciplines of business, economics and organizational development, especially as applied within a cross-cultural and international context
  • Formulate a personal philosophy of effective and ethical business and leadership practices and strategies
  • Effectively and ethically lead people, manage systems and operations, and steward resources at various levels.
  • Senior-level positions in fields such as accounting, finance, marketing and management
  • Business-focused positions in church and parachurch organizations
  • College and university teaching positions; academic research and Ph.D. work

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