Missionary Care


The M.Div. (Missionary Care) provides you with a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership along with specialized knowledge and skills to address the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals and families who are engaged in cross-cultural ministry.


This program will equip you to:

  • Analyze and address the impact of cross-cultural living upon individuals and families
  • Assess and diagnose the mental status of missionaries in relation to enculturation dynamics
  • Develop effective treatment plans to foster emotional and life balance


Potential ministry opportunities for program graduates include:

  • Missionary support services specialist
  • Consultant to mission agencies

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Featured Faculty: 
A photo of Rhonda Pruitt, a professor at CIU. Rhonda Pruitt
Professor of Missionary Care
B.S., Holmes College of the Bible; M.A.C.E., Columbia International University; M.Ed., Regent University