Why Study English at CIU?

If you look into the educational backgrounds of many corporate CEOs, you will discover that many of these men and women began their careers with a degree in English.  That’s because English majors can do exactly what employers need and value: read and analyze texts, communicate effectively in writing, think critically and independently, and use research properly.  Studying the English language equips graduates for effective use of the written word in mission and marketplace ministries.

At CIU we add one more important skill: we help English majors filter what they learn and experience in the classroom through a biblical world lens. 

Your Future

Your career prospects as an English major are exciting, broad, and diverse. A degree in English can lead you to employment in many fields: advertising, editing, grant writing, public relations, publishing, and teaching English as a foreign language. A degree in English can also prepare you to pursue additional studies in English on the graduate level, enter law school, or gain certification as a high school English teacher. 

Your Next Step

Review our course requirements and begin the application process.

Featured Faculty: 
Steve Baarendse, Professor of English Steve Baarendse
Professor of English, Humanities Program Director

B.A., Taylor University; M.A., Indiana University; Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Dr. Sandra Young Sandra Young
Liberal Arts Division Chair, English Program Director, Professor of English

B.A., George Fox University; Certificate in Bible, Columbia International University; M.A.T. in English, The Citadel; Ph.D. in English, University of South Carolina; teacher, Charleston County School District, 1999-2001; Faculty member, Columbia College, 2006-2013; Faculty, Columbia...Read More...