Why study Psychology at CIU?

Got a heart that always wants to help? Maybe you’re concerned about at-risk youth. Or the victims of the international sex slave trade. Or meeting the needs of those with emotional disorders. A needy world needs you, and you need the training that comes with the Columbia International University Psychology program.  

More than just studying the mental, emotional and relational needs of people, in the Columbia International University Psychology program you will evaluate psychological paradigms by the authority of Scripture. That’s the big difference over psychology programs offered at a lot of schools. You will learn not only about the basic psychological needs of people, but also their spiritual growth needs and how to minister to them in both clinical and church/mission settings. The program also offers practical exposure and training in mental health diagnosis and treatment.      

Your Future

The Psychology program opens doors to a variety of careers in social work and counseling. You will also have the courses required for graduate school and to become a licensed psychologist or professional counselor. The program also lays the groundwork for graduate studies in other disciplines such as law, business and a variety of ministry positions. 

Your Next Step

Interested in Psychology from a biblical perspective? Review our course requirements and suggested program of study. Get started today.

Featured Faculty: 
Carrie Caudill, Psychology Professor at CIU Carrie Caudill
Psychology Professor

B.S. Columbia International University; Ed.S. University of South Carolina; Albert Ellis Institute; South Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor, 2007-present; Ph.D. University of South Carolina

Photo of Steve Farra, Psycholgy Program Director at CIU Stephen H. Farra
Psychology Program Director

B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Wheaton College; Ph.D., University of Minnesota; Albert Ellis Institute