Study Abroad

The CIU TraveLearn program prepares you to share Christ with the world. Students who study abroad can expect to forge lasting friendships, gain global perspective and — best of all — deepen their ability to make an impact for Christ.

Mission Trips
Sharing and experiencing God’s love while immersed in another culture can be a life-changing experience. Individual credit-bearing courses are offered by some majors and are designed to teach you how to plan and conduct short-term mission trips.

Study Tours

These credit-bearing courses expose you to the sights, sounds and practices of other cultures. Examples include the Western Man Study Tour to Europe that includes cultural and historical instruction, and a study tour in Israel in conjunction with Jerusalem University College.

Best Semester

CIU partners with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities to offer the Best Semester off-campus study programs. Students choosing Best Semester have traveled to Australia, Costa Rica, Uganda and more — returning with fresh knowledge and keen insights about the world around us.


Talk to your academic advisor to explore the possibilities of internships and study abroad programs.