Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Follow the application instructions to stay ahead in your admissions process and meet general application requirements.


Undergraduate Application Instructions

These step-by-step instructions will help you complete the application process easily:

Step 1. Complete the online application.

Step 2. Submit a 300-500 word, typed essay to yesciu@ciu.edu or mail it to the Admissions Office. Answer the following questions in your essay.

  1. How did you come to salvation in Jesus Christ? Discuss your personal relationship with God and the life change that followed.
  2. What relationships, circumstances, church involvement, mission trips and/or personal study have helped you grow in your faith?
  3. Please share what career and/or ministry you believe God may be calling you to, and why you chose to apply to CIU?

If you were previously enrolled at CIU, you’re required to only answer the following two questions in 200-400 words.

  1. Share why you left CIU and what you’ve been doing since then.
  2. What are your career/ministry goals and your understanding of God’s direction for your future?

Step 3. Use the Applicant Reference Form to ask a church leader who has known you at least two years to submit a Church Leader Reference on your behalf . This person cannot be a spouse or other family member. Note: No reference is required for non-degree seeking applicants.

Step 4. Request official transcripts from your high school and all colleges or universities you have attended to be sent to the Admissions Office. Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope.  A 2.0 minimum high school or college grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale is required. Final official transcripts are required prior to registering for courses. 

Note: Academic records not written in English must be accompanied by a certified translation. If you attended a school outside of the United States, transcripts need an International Credential Advancement Package (ICAP) evaluation by World Education Services (WES).

Step 5. Submit official SAT or ACT test scores. You may request test scores from College Board or The ACT. Scores may also be submitted along with your official high school transcripts. Admissions test score minimum:

SAT: 860 (CR & M) Old format; 940 New format; SAT school code 5116.

Note on the redesigned SAT:

Applicants for Spring and Summer 2016 terms are welcome to submit scores from both the new and old tests. CIU will convert new scores to the old format using the College Board SAT Score Converter.   A minimum score of 860 (critical reading and math) is required for admission.

Applicants for 2017 or beyond should take the new test, but can also submit scores from the old test.  CIU will convert the old scores to the new test format using the College Board SAT Score Converter.  A minimum score of 940 is required for admission.

ACT: 18; ACT school code: 3848

If you choose to postpone your enrollment more than one year, you will be required to complete the application process in its entirety.

The CIU Admissions Office will evaluate your file after it has been completed.

Note: These requirements are for US citizen students only.  See the Undergrad International Application Instructions for more information on how to apply and the requirements needed.  Our International Student Information page also has helpful information. 

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