Non-Accredited Degrees

CIU does not generally accept bachelor’s degrees from non-accredited institutions as a qualification for graduate-level programs.

There are exceptions, however. The faculty and administration at our Christian university recognize that some programs here and abroad meet our rigorous academic standards despite not having accreditation from an organization approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

Applicants must have the minimum GPA required by the CIU program to which they are applying. They also must complete the Unaccredited Institution Review Form found under the registrar tab at MyCIU, and include the following documents:

  • An institutional catalog or other documents that that includes the institution’s history, faculty credentials, relationship to state, regional, national or international educational agencies, the grading system and course descriptions.

  • A list of accredited institutions that have accepted students for graduate work from this institution.

  • Syllabi from at least five classes taken that were appropriate to preparation for the selected program at CIU.

All students admitted to a program based on a degree from a non-accredited institution are admitted with provisional acceptance. After one regular semester of a minimum nine hours, the student’s work is evaluated. Probationary status is generally lifted for students who achieve the requisite GPA.

You can find more information about non-accredited degrees in the Academic Catalog.


CIU Seminary & School of Ministry Transfers

The CIU Seminary & School of Ministry does not accept transfer credit from unaccredited institutions without special approval. However, a student may request advanced standing with credit through a proficiency exam. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for details.