Full Tuition Scholarship Event

R.C. McQuilkin Leadership Scholarship Event

The R.C. McQuilkin Leadership Scholarship — named for the evangelist and scholar who became our founding president in 1923 — is one of the most-anticipated events each year at our university.

Top high school seniors are awarded the opportunity to engage with the CIU culture. They will partake in fellowship, group discussions, interviews and quality time with faculty, staff and current students while participating in a full-tuition scholarship competition. Two $10,000 scholarships will also be awarded to the runners-up. Selected students will be among the graduating class of 2017.

Get to know last year’s winner, Esther Mallard of Greensboro, North Carolina.   

Want to know more about how to be selected? Submit an information request or call the Admissions Office at (803) 807-5024.