Bible Teaching


Why study Bible Teaching at CIU?

The Bible Teaching program at CIU opens up a world of possibilities for you to share your passion for God’s Word in a variety of educational settings. You will cultivate the skill of preparing sound Bible lessons and curriculum from renowned and dedicated Bible scholars. Experienced educators will also guide you as you implement the principles of the teaching-learning process in your Bible lessons. Plus, graduates of the program receive the “all-level” certification in Bible from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Your Next Step

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You’ll be prepared to teach the Bible in Christian and public schools in North America, government, missionary and international schools overseas, and in other areas of Christian work such as youth ministry and Christian education. Also, if you’re considering seminary, you’ll find Bible Teaching prepares you for future studies.

Featured Faculty: 
Anita Cooper, Bible Teaching Program Director at CIU Anita J. Cooper
Bible Teaching (Undergraduate and M.A.B.T.) Program Director

B.S., Columbia Bible College; M.Ed., Reformed Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of South Carolina; advanced biblical studies, Reformed Theological Seminary and Columbia International University