Public Safety

Your well-being is one of our highest priorities.

With that in mind, Campus Security protects the CIU community — including enforcing standard traffic and driving safety rules. Campus Security patrols the campus daily, around the clock, making sure CIU is a safe place to study, work and live.

There may come a time when you won’t feel well. You’ll have convenient access to care at Health Services. The on-campus clinic is open Monday to Friday and walk-ins are welcomed.

Never hesitate to contact Campus Security or Health Services if you have any questions or concerns. They’re here to help and want to make you feel safe and stay healthy during your time at CIU.

Visitor Parking

Having guests? A free guest parking pass is available for all campus visitors and members of the CIU community who will be using a vehicle on campus for less than two weeks.

You can get the passes from Campus Security or the reception desk in the Administration Building. They allow parking in the commuter parking lot and undesignated spaces around the campus.