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Complete a 750 - 1000 word essay answering the following:
  • How would you describe your personal ethics, academic experiences, and career interests that shape your desire to join CIU's Honors Program?
  • What is your definition of Christian scholarship? Provide an example.


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Ministry Studies

The M.Div. (Ministry Studies) provides you with a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership in a variety of contexts. Through a personalized curriculum, this program prepares you for effective ministry in a local church, with a para-church organization, or with a missions agency.


This program will equip you to:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The M.Div. (TEFL) provides you with a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership along with specialized knowledge and skills to teach both children and adults effectively in a wide variety of cross-cultural settings. It prepares you for teaching and leadership roles in TEFL.


The program will equip you to:

Systems Specialist

Information Technology
30 hours/12 months
May 18, 2016



The systems specialist provides technical support for corporate division’s technology with emphasis in the deployment and operation of end user devices, classroom equipment, event equipment for meetings/audits, and media hardware/software.



  • Setup and deploy computer hardware, computer software, printers, tablets, smartphones, and lcd digital signage tvs/monitors for end users, classrooms/labs, events, and general campus notification using best practices. Assist with projects related to the replacement of media equipment, classroom/lab equipment, and digital signage across the corporation.
  • Assist with related account configurations, including the assistance of syncing mobile devices to work email and cloud office applications usage.  Perform password resets for faculty, students, board members, auditors, and other users associated with classroom instruction and events.
  • Coordinate laptop/tablet/printer reservations for corporation users for various needs based on stock loaners in inventory.
  • Perform inventory management for equipment and related documentation.    
  • Assist with training for end users on how to use equipment in addition to maintaining instructions on proper usage. 
  • Serve as backup for AV and Media Manager for chapel and related events corporate wide.


  • Must have a courteous behavior and willingness to help and train people in technical environment.
  • Able to research and resolve complex technical issues with limited supervision.
  • Broad knowledge and proven aptitude for working with computer hardware and software.
  • Ability to follow procedures in great detail and work with little supervision when needed.
  • Knowledge of both Microsoft and Mac operating systems is required.
  • A minimum of one year education or experience in information technology support required.  Certification or degree in a computer technology or audio/visual field is preferred.  A+ or media certifications are a plus.
  • Computer hardware, printer, and/or smartphone repair experience preferred.
  • Some experience working with or troubleshooting network issues is required.

Muslim Studies

The M.Div. (Muslim Studies) provides you with a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership along with specialized tools and techniques needed to analyze the theology, traditions, and worldview of Islam. It prepares you to engage in research and analysis that contributes to the ministry of cross-cultural life and work among Muslims.


This program will equip you to:

Missionary Care

The M.Div. (Missionary Care) provides you with a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership along with specialized knowledge and skills to address the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals and families who are engaged in cross-cultural ministry.


This program will equip you to:

Administrative Assistant to Alumni and Development

Alumni and Development
40 hrs wk/12 months
May 12, 2016


The Administrative Assistant for Alumni and Development is the point of “first contact” for alumni and donors including entry into the alumni center, incoming phone calls, e-mail, and mail.   In every contact the goals are to meet the need of the individual directly or by referral, and update the Raiser Edge record. In addition, the Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to the alumni and development teams by assisting with projects and events.


  • Be the “first contact” of all alumni and donors calling, visiting, emailing or mailing to the campus and respond, redirect or get information and reply in a timely manner.
  • Maintain the master calendar for the Alumni Center and Alumni/Development: meeting rooms, alumni events, development related events, and when alumni or major donors will be visiting campus.
  • Coordinate all alumni benefits and hospitality visits (meal tickets, brochures, campus maps, room information, class guest passes, computer lab, fitness center).
  • Maintain appropriate greeting cards and notes and route to Director or others for appropriate ministry to alumni and donors.
  • Receive, record and confirm registrations for alumni or donor events.
  • Assist in gathering, preparing “day of event” items including: name tags, gift bags, programs, etc.
  • Serve as liaison for Alumni Leadership Council meetings and other leadership/staff gatherings as needed.
  • Process donor premiums in response to CIU Fund solicits.
  • Be proficient in Raiser Edge queries, updates, and research related to alumni and development.
  • Generate prayer lists for various people interested in specific, current prayer for alumni.


  • Five years administrative experience required.
  • Professional experience with donors required.
  • Quick learner; not intimidated by requests or questions not encountered before.
  • High quality customer service / passionate about hospitality.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • School spirit and a passion to promote the university are essential as active involvement in university activities.
  • Management skills to oversee a number of projects with minimum supervision at a time.
  • Accuracy in maintaining: budget, calendar, data base, registrations, policy & procedure manual.
  • Efficient time manager and flexible in working some evenings and weekends.
  • Raisers Edge, Word, Excel.
  • Basic typing & computer skills.
  • Experience with data bases.
  • Phone, email and listening skills


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Former Mayor Named CIU Community Liaison

May 11, 2016
Former Lexington, SC mayor Randy Halfacre

Former Lexington, South Carolina mayor Randy Halfacre is the new development community liaison for Columbia International University. Halfacre served as mayor from 2004 to 2013 leading the town to become one of the fastest growing municipalities in South Carolina. He is also a former president and CEO of the Greater Lexington Chamber and Visitors Center, and assisted in the establishment of the MidState Chambers Coalition.


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