A Calling Leads to Commissioner of Education

June 30, 2016
Alaska Commissioner of Education, Dr. Michael Johnson, a CIU alumnus

CIU alumnus takes top leadership role in Alaska

By Bob Holmes

Every child looks forward to a “snow day,” when school is cancelled because of heavy snowfall or a blizzard. But veteran Alaska educator and Columbia International University alumnus Dr. Michael Johnson says a snow day in Alaska has nothing to do with snow.

“We cancel school if it gets to 50 below zero,” Johnson wrote in an email exchange.

CIU Alumni Couple Celebrating 70th Wedding Anniversary

June 21, 2016
CIU alumni Sherwood and Muriel Taylor have been married for 70 years.

Congratulations to CIU alumni Sherwood and Muriel Taylor. They’ve been married 70 years. Mr. Taylor graduated from CIU, then called Columbia Bible College, in 1945, and Mrs. Taylor graduated in 1946. They served as missionaries in Brazil for over 33 years.

They now live in Powder Springs, Georgia. Their long marriage caught the attention of Atlanta TV station WAGA, FOX 5.   

Remembering Robertson McQuilkin

June 06, 2016
John Robertson McQuilkin

By Melissa McCutchan and Bob Holmes

In the last months of the life of Columbia International University President Emeritus Robertson McQuilkin, when his health was declining, his close friend and former CIU Vice President John Davidson would visit him and inquire how he was doing.

“He would say, ‘Terrible,’” Davidson recalled.

“I would say, terrible? What’s wrong?”

“He’d say, ‘I’m still here. I want to be in heaven.’”


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