Paul Tripp on the Gospel of Real Life

November 10, 2016
CIU Alumnus of the Year Dr. Paul Tripp

By Janai Tedder

CIU Student Writer

Imagine driving through a tunnel of magnificent trees every morning on your way to work. At first, you look at the trunks, branches and leaves with wonder and awe. But after a while, they become old and familiar. Instead, you notice the traffic, the slow driver in front of you, the smell of exhaust and the minutes you’ll be late for work. The awe of beauty has been lost.

Faculty/Director, Philosophy Major

College of Arts and Sciences, Higher Ed
40 hours/12 months
July 01, 2017


The Director of the Philosophy program provides vision and leadership for the program, as well as serving as curriculum developer and instructor, interacting and advising students within the program, and teaching up to 8 courses per year (24 semester hours) within the discipline of philosophy.


  • Provide overall leadership for the philosophy program
  • Oversee the development and ongoing refinement of the philosophy curriculum to ensure its consistency with CIU’s institutional mission and its suitability for vocational preparation
  • Advise and counsel students within the program
  • Assist the division chair and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in the recruitment and evaluation of adjunct faculty as needed
  • Advise the library regarding acquisition and preservation of relevant materials (print and electronic)
  • Teach up to eight (8) college level courses per year (24 semester hours)
  • Supervise adjunct faculty as needed
  • Work within the program budget in consultation with the division chair
  • Serve on committees as assigned within the university
  • Assist in training students via internships and practicum experiences as appropriate
  • Participate in faculty meetings at the college and university level; attend other appropriate events including chapel, conferences, and student events
  • Yearly affirm the institution’s mission, doctrinal position, and community standards


  • Extensive knowledge of the disciplines associated with philosophy, including but not limited to: logic, classical, medieval, modern, contemporary, and moral philosophy
  • Demonstrate a strong knowledge in ethics and the history of Western philosophy including the interconnections between philosophy and theology
  • Provide creative vision for the program
  • Oversee and ensure the vitality of the curriculum
  • Ability to teach effectively at the college level, utilizing technology as appropriate
  • Competent in or able to learn and facilitate online education
  • Ability to judge competencies and character while remaining sensitive to the needs of those being served
  • Understand the needs and trends associated with traditional college age students as well as the traits necessary for graduates of the philosophy program to display
  • Ability to confront and resolve conflicts when necessary
  • Commitment to CIU’s mission and vision
  • Commitment to live within the standards of the CIU community
  • An earned doctorate (PhD) in Philosophy from an accredited university is required.
  • Some level of post-secondary training in biblical/theological studies is desired to ensure biblical consistency in one’s philosophy of teaching philosophy in a biblical university
  • Cross-cultural ministry experience is desired.
  • Preference given to individuals with at least three years of teaching at the college level.

Homecoming 2016: A Family Reunion

November 10, 2016
Crowder ends his American Prodigal Tour at Columbia International University

By Janai Tedder

CIU Student Writer


Generations of voices echoed in Shortess Chapel as Columbia International University’s alumni, students and faculty celebrated the opening of Homecoming 2016 on Nov. 4-5. Alumni journeyed back to CIU to take a trip down memory lane and participate in events such as the Crowder and Tedashii concert, the CIU Bowl, the Rambunctious Run, the President’s Banquet and class reunions.

Administrative Assistant

Chief Financial Officer
40 hours/12 months
November 08, 2016


The administrative assistant provides administrative support to the Chief Financial Officer and the departments he oversees in order to ensure that they operate efficiently.  This support includes: maintenance of filing and recordkeeping systems; scheduling of tasks; liaison and communications with constituents; report preparation; clerical assistance; writing of policies and procedures; and continuous improvement of operating practices.


  • Assists in the processing of claims for property, automobile, and liability incidents as well as the processing of workmen’s compensation claims.  This also includes the processing and investigating of claims, working with the adjusters, and follow-up of claims as well as the injured employee.
  • Assists with the administration of the beverage contract as well as other vending contracts. Reports service and product needs. Processes commission checks and keeps sales representative informed of CIU and BLS beverage issues. Reports other vending issues and needs as necessary.
  •  Assists with the administration of the vehicle fleet. Keeps up-to-date files on all CIU and BLS vehicles.  Pays taxes & registration fees for all vehicles. Sends new tags and registration to Physical Plant to be put on vehicles. Makes sure all CIU and BLS owned vehicles have tax exemption status with the Department of Revenue. Assists with vehicle sales and purchase paperwork and notifying Dept of Rev & DMV of all such transactions. Schedules glass repairs for all vehicles as needed. Maintains and updates vehicle title binder.
  •  Assists with the administration of the Staples Advantage Corporate account. Assumes liaison with Staples representative. Assists CIU and BL with setting up and maintaining Staples Advantage accounts for their departments. Reports and follows up on issues with orders and deliveries.
  • Facilitates the car rental program and billing.
  • Coordinates the driver approval system and training of mini-bus drivers.  Sends annual drivers questionnaires.  Maintains updated list of approved students, faculty/staff, mini-bus, and CDL drivers.
  • Processes requests for campus events. Assists with the coordination of facilities and services for each event.
  • Provides recordkeeping and processes paperwork for various deferred giving instruments (life insurance policies, donor advised funds, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, estates).  Maintains related files (e.g., contracts, correspondence, death certificates, etc.).
  • Manages periodic payments (sets up ACHs, verifies checks were written and letters sent, etc.) for donor advised funds, charitable gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts.
  • Assists in the preparation of the annual workmen’s compensation audit and the Department of Labor employee injury and illness report.
  • Supplies data for the preparation of annual charitable remainder trust tax returns.
  • Provides ad hoc administrative support to the Chief Financial Officer (filing and recordkeeping; report preparation; clerical assistance; writing of policies and procedures; etc.).


  • Computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office programs
  • Operation of office equipment (copiers, scanners, phone systems, fax machines)
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Organized
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 1 to 2 years of administrative experience

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