Office Manager, Dean's Office

College of Arts and Sciences
40 hours/12 months
October 19, 2017


The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean’s Office Manager manages the office of the CAS Dean.  The position provides administrative and academic management support to the Dean, to the bible and the liberal arts faculty and students. 


  • Manage the interface between the Dean’s Office and other departments of the University
  • Participate in staff meetings and prayer times
  • Manage and meet with probation students
  • Represent CAS on the Student Intervention Committee
  • Process credit card statements, check requests, and reimbursements for CAS faculty and staff
  • Maintain faculty records, academic policies, faculty approved courses, and course syllabi
  • Coordinate scheduling of faculty and committee meetings; prepare and distribute minutes
  • Coordinate and supervise major projects including website updates, biennial Catalog revisions, annual reports to ABHE, and preparation of accreditation substantive change and reaffirma­tion documents
  • Assign advisors to new students and change advisors when students change programs in consultation with admissions, the registrar’s office, and the Dean
  • Provide administrative support to the Biblical Studies and the Liberal Arts faculty
  • Facilitate communications with adjunct faculty and assure that adjunct faculty files are complete including formal appointment letters and official transcripts
  • Supervise student workers in the Dean’s Office in consultation with the Dean
  • Supervise academic testing of students for assessment instruments such as the ABHE Bible Test, the ACT-CAAP, and Retention Management System inventories
  • Assist in the mentoring and/or discipling of students as time allows in consultation with the Dean



  • Ability to create and maintain a positive, orderly, and service-oriented office environment
  • Familiarity with CIU’s ministry and academic environment, principles, and procedures
  • Thorough knowledge of the undergraduate curriculum, academic programs, and policies
  • High capacity level – ability to get a high number of tasks done in a high traffic environment where walk-ins suddenly become first priority
  • Able to communicate effectively and to act wisely and decisively
  • Computer skills: word processing, EXCEL, web design and e-mail communication 
  • Operation of copiers, phone systems, fax, scanners and Scranton grading machines
  • Associate of Arts (AA) degree minimum
  • Familiarity with the world of higher education
  • Office experience in an academic environment preferred

“Hooping” and Hollering

Musical basketball chairs.

Basketball Teams Hold School-Wide Athletic Event

By Michael A. Lanier

The 2017-2018 CIU men’s and women’s basketball teams were introduced with a little madness —Moore Madness — a fun October event for students, faculty and staff in the Moore Fitness Center.    

It was a night of food and fun competitions with a basketball theme.

“I think this is a really cool event, and I'm glad that I came,” said freshman Jaelyn Rodriguez-Laureano.

Praying for Las Vegas

CIU flags at half staff

How are you praying for those affected by the mass shooting in Las Vegas? In a statement, President Donald Trump said, “To the families of the victims: We are praying for you and we are here for you, and we ask God to help see you through this very dark period.”

So, what are you praying? Columbia International University professors were asked about their prayers for Las Vegas.

Dr. Kevin McWilliams, Bible Studies Professor:


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