Part-Time Security Officer

16 hr/wk, 12 mo/yr
March 01, 2015


Perform in a professional manner routine daily security duties to protect the campus community and assets of Columbia International University.  The satisfactory performance of these duties will result in a safe and secure environment for the campus community to live, work, and study.  This is a weekend position that requires working Saturdays and Sundays, day-shift or evening-shift on a rotating basis.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Maintain the physical security of buildings and facilities by conducting walkthroughs, door checks, and by following lock/unlock schedules.
  2. Maintain the security of campus grounds to protect campus community and facilities by frequent vehicle and foot patrols
  3. Continually be observant of individuals and situations that may compromise the security and safety of the campus community and facilities
  4. Be observant for maintenance issues that require attention
  5. Enforce campus parking and traffic regulations
  6. Complete necessary reports and paperwork as required
  7. Maintain a professional appearance and attitude
  8. Work as a team with other officers and the campus community
  9. May be required to work additional hours on a non-regular basis to help with special events, etc.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Ability to analyze problems and select proper corrective action
  2. Must be 21 years of age in order to meet state requirements for security officer
  3. Ability to complete state certification for security officer
  4. Ability  to be  certified in the use of firearms and  non-lethal weapons such as OC spray and baton
  5. Ability to complete additional training as  required
  6. Good all around public relations and communications skills              
  7. Ability to keep good composure in all situations
  8. Ability to work alone and remain alert to surroundings
  9. Flexibility in days and hours available for work, including weekends
  10. Ability to sit and drive for long periods of time
  11. Ability to stay on feet for a long period of time
  12. Good physical condition

Education and Training:

  1. High school diploma
  2. One year of  law enforcement or security experience

Epic Day of Bell Ringing

December 03, 2015
CIU students ringing Salvation Army bells at Wal-Mart

It’s not unusual to encounter a lone Salvation Army bell ringer outside your local Wal-Mart this time of the year. But that was not the case for the shoppers at the Bush River Road Wal-Mart in Columbia on Dec. 1. Instead, entire groups of Columbia International University students gathered in front of the familiar red kettles ringing the bells and singing Christmas songs at the top of their voices. The proclamation of Christ through music was heard well across the massive parking lot.

Common Misconceptions about the Christmas Story; CIU professor takes a biblical look

November 27, 2015

The annual Christmas pageant and the manger scene under the Christmas tree this season may not be biblically accurate. The Christmas pageant often includes an inn keeper who has no rooms to offer, directing Joseph and Mary to a stable out back. Meanwhile, under the tree, the figurines show Jesus now born and in a feeding trough of that lonely stable surrounded only by his parents.  

A Life Ministering to Others on the Front Lines

November 19, 2015
The Rev. Grover DeVault

Columbia International University alumnus, The Rev. Grover DeVault, has been honored for a lifetime of chaplaincy service.

DeVault is a 1953 graduate of CIU and was named Alumnus of the Year in 2008 for his work as a chaplain, including a tour of duty with the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam war. DeVault was also on the scene to minister to Pennsylvania State Police following a shooting at an Amish schoolhouse where a man killed five girls in 2006.

CIU Players Perform “Alice in Wonderland”

November 10, 2015
CIU Players perform "Alice in Wonderland"

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

Laughter filled Hoke Auditorium Homecoming Weekend as the CIU Players treated the school's alumni to a trip down the rabbit hole and into a magical realm through their performance of the famous classic “Alice in Wonderland.

The play contained basically one set, few props, and a comically nonsensical script, which means that the success of the performance depended largely on the acting talent of the cast.


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