Postgraduate Certificate in Missionary Care

The Postgraduate Certificate in Missionary Care provides you with specialized knowledge and skills to address the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals and families who are engaged in cross-cultural ministry.


This program will equip you to:

  • Analyze and address the impact of cross-cultural living upon individuals and families

  • Assess and diagnose the mental status of missionaries in relation to enculturation dynamics

  • Develop effective treatment plans to foster emotional and life balance

International Community Development

Why major in International Community Development (ICD)?

In this unique program, you'll experience what it is like to live in a needy society. In addition to studying what the Bible teaches about God's mission to reach the nations through the church, you'll live in a simulated Third-World Village learning problem solving and coping skills that prepare you for life in a developing country.

Global Media Communication

Why major in Global Media Communication at CIU?

With the Global Media Communication (GMC) major you’ll be prepared to effectively use various forms of digital media arts as you serve in international and cross-cultural ministry, marketplace, or mission opportunities. You’ll learn what the Bible teaches regarding God’s mission to reach the nations through the church, become skilled in interpreting cultures and experience living, working and ministering in a global context.

Your Future  

Amy DuBois

Amy Dubois

B.A. Southern Methodist University; MBA Baylor University; DBA Student at Grand Canyon University (Expect completion Winter 2016)

Amy was born and raised in Mesquite, Texas. God led her to South Carolina in 2003. She met her husband David here, and they were married in 2006. They have two awesome sons: Gavin and Elijah. When not at CIU, Amy loves being with her family and considers marriage one of God's best gifts.

Global Business Development

Why major in Global Business Development at CIU?

With a Global Business Development (GBD) major you’ll be equipped to effectively serve in international and cross-cultural marketplace, ministry, or mission opportunities. You’ll learn essential business and organizational skills, how to interpret cultures, and experience living and working in a global context while also discovering God’s mission to reach the nations through the church.

Your Future

The career possibilities that come with a degree in Global Business Development include:


Why minor in Writing?

For many students, a minor in writing provides an avenue where students can express themselves in a variety of genres.

A Welcome from CIU to Clearwater Students

I was saddened to hear of the decision by Clearwater Christian College (CCC) to close their doors. We at Columbia International University feel a deep connectedness with fellow colleges and universities that share our passion for educating from a biblical worldview.

CIU has been privileged to share collegial relationships with Clearwater’s staff and faculty through the years, and since the launch of our athletic programs in 2012, we have enjoyed the challenge of competing with CCC in soccer and basketball.

CIU is centrally located in the Southeast with our campus in Columbia, South Carolina. It is our hope that you will consider continuing your studies with us.

CIU offers you:

  • The opportunity to complete your degree in the same time you would have finished at CCC. This applies to CCC degree programs offered by CIU. Some exceptions apply. Contact Admissions at (800) 777-2227, Ext. 5024 or for details.
  • Low costs of tuition, room and board, and fast-track approval processing of all financial aid awards.
  • Waived application fee and expedited admissions decision. Apply Now!
  • Regional and national accreditation for ease of credit transfer.
  • Majors and minors comparable to CCC’s programs.
  • Athletic opportunities in a competitive NCCAA DI program (with athletic scholarships available).

Transferring to another college may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are nearing graduation. But we are passionate about ensuring that you complete your education with us on time and with as little disruption as possible, by maximizing your transfer work to CIU. Contact us today to have a transfer evaluation completed to any of our programs of study at (800) 777-2227, Ext. 5024 or fill out our request info form. We will work to facilitate an expedited enrollment for you so that you can continue toward your goal to graduate on time.

Our motto “To Know Him and to Make Him Known,” clearly captures the tapestry that God has woven since 1923. If your heart resonates with ours, let us know how we can serve you. We will continue to pray for you.


William H. Jones, D. Min


A Message from Kim Abbott, CIU Athletics Director

Over the years, CIU and Clearwater have met on the court and on the field in basketball and soccer. The contests have always been well played and at similar levels of competition. We would love to have you try out for our teams. In all, we have nine intercollegiate programs: men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country/track, and men’s golf.

Let us know of your interest by choosing an option below:






Special Needs Amenities

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), CIU provides disability accommodations on an individualized basis.

Those accommodations can include test adjustments, printed media reformatted to audio, course substitution, readers, tutors, note-takers, study groups and proctored testing.

CLEP testing and proctoring missed and online exams are also available. Details are online at Academic Services.

Contact Academic Success Center

Phone: (803) 807-5611


Transition Tips

Transition Tips for Parents

Driving away while your teary-eyed freshman stands in front of the dorm waving goodbye is tough and embracing the change of them being away from you can be even tougher. 

Your new college student is now a young adult out on her or his own, probably for the first time. There’s lots of support at CIU, of course, but you still play a pivotal role in this exciting time of change.

Saying Goodbye to Your College Student

Your heart will tell you what to do. But here are some ideas that might help.

  • Say your hardest goodbyes in a quiet moment before you arrive on campus. At that point, they’ll be separating from you anyway. Pray together and tell them you love them.

  • Leave a little surprise in one of their bags or boxes. A gift card, some extra cash, a note telling them you’re their biggest fan. (Care packages are always welcome later on, too!)

  • Lend an ear while they tell you about roommates, schedules, coursework and the cafeteria. Encourage them to talk with their faculty advisor or professor to resolve class-related issues. Ask them how they plan to resolve those other issues. You’ll be surprised how close they are to the solution already.

  • Stay in touch. You probably know this already, but texting is how most Millennials communicate these days, but your college kid may still agree to email, too. 

  • The discussions about majors and career goals are going to get deeper and more complex as your child’s college career advances. So are their more personal choices. Listen, advise, trust, and don’t pry. Encourage praying together over the phone, and let God guide you both.

  • Keep your sense of humor and watch them grow!

Watching young people grow into adult learners committed to a life walking with Christ is a joy for us here at our CIU. We’re here to help your child make that transition from life at home, but your pivotal role continues alongside us and long after our work here is done.



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