Singing Under the Sea; CIU Alumna Plays Little Mermaid

September 27, 2016
Courtney Reasoner as Ariel, and her brother Jeremy Resaoner as Sabastian.

By Janai Tedder

CIU Student Writer 

To beat the heat over the summer, Columbia International University alumna Courtney Reasoner went under the sea, hooking the lead role of Ariel in the Disney musical “The Little Mermaid” at Columbia’s Town Theater. It was her first major role in a theatrical performance since her days as a student with The CIU Players.

The House Collective

Campus Community

Campus life at Columbia International University is all about community. Whether you live on or off campus, whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, or seminary student, you can be a part of a new CIU experience that unites the campus. It’s called The House Collective.

What is the House Collective?

The House Collective turns campus into more than your home away from home. More than where you’ll study and sleep. It’s where our community comes together – even our faculty – to have fun, and grow deeper in our relationship with Christ and one another.

Every student is assigned to one of six houses: Fidelitas, Dignitas and Veritas for the women; Virtus, Justitia, and Sapientia for the men. Each house has its unique identity, traditions, colors and crest.

What will we do?

We’ll have social events, service projects, small groups and house competitions where house members compete to win points to earn the title of House Victors.

You’ll want to get involved. Check out the fun and camaraderie!  




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