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Praying Parents

Prayer is one of the most important things that  you, as a parent, can do for your college student. While college can be one of the best experiences for them, it may come with challenges or distractions. It is our prayer that our students will have a passion for God, walk steadfast with Him, desire to study His Word and have daily intimacy with Him. We also pray they will be diligent in their studies and grow in Christ-likeness through their work.

Pray for all of our college students and pray for the entire university. Below is a list of some of things you can pray for:

Administration and Staff

Decision-making shaped by the mind of Christ, perseverance, joy


Good physical outlets for all students, Christ-likeness in competition


Their teaching is grounded in Scripture, connections with students, personal lives that exemplify Christ, sensitivity to students

Difficult Issues for Students

Struggles with discouragement, fear, loneliness, depression

Evangelical Unity

oneness in spirit and purpose, growth as a community

Field Education

Life-changing ministry to the Columbia, SC community, fruitfulness


Our joyful reliance upon God for material provision


Their adjustment to college, maturity, friendships, a Columbia church home

International Students

Transition to a new culture, new friendships

President, Dr. Bill Jones

His continued wisdom, strength, spiritual leadership


Purity and respect for students in dating relationships; strong commitment and love for married students; patience and compassion for students with children.


Our in school events and activities, in traveling to and from campus


Diligence in their studies, growth in Christ-likeness through coursework


Praying for Emanuel AME

June 19, 2015

Columbia International University began the morning of June 18 with a heavy heart. As our flags were raised to half-staff in unison with the South Carolina governor, we joined other South Carolinians in mourning the deaths of nine people murdered at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston the night before.

Postgraduate Education Specialist

Develop the capacity to think, communicate and model biblical excellence in educational leadership positions. You’ll learn to clearly represent Christ-centered perspectives in the broader society by impacting students, their families, faculty, and staff with competencies specifically defined for Kingdom growth. Classes are offered as intensive courses in the summer and online during the fall and spring semesters.


You will receive postgraduate training as a professional who leads others in addressing educational needs from a biblical perspective.

Intercultural Studies Certificate

The Intercultural Studies Certificate provides you with an essential understanding of the mission of God, culture, worldview and ethnography through the courses required for this certificate.


The Certificate in Intercultural Studies equips you to:

  • Demonstrate skill in identifying and analyzing cultural issues.
  • Evaluate current strategies regarding the global mission of God.

Review our course requirements and get started today.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy program at CIU is distinctly Christian. Those who earn this degree can specialize in areas of Christian Higher Education Leadership, Christian School Leadership, or Curricular and Instructional Leadership.

Holders of the Ph.D. degree from our College of Education are accomplished learners and leaders ready to put their training in educational theory to work at Christian schools, colleges and universities around the world.

Christian School Leadership

The Doctor of Philosophy (Christian School Leadership) is designed for administrators of Christian K-12th grade schools: headmasters, principals, assistant principals, and other individuals responsible for leadership and management decisions in primary and secondary Christian educational institutions. You’ll develop knowledge and skills in educational leadership, instructional supervision, strategic planning, assessment, spiritual formation, legal issues, and instructional delivery systems.

Curricular & Instructional Leadership

Are you a leader in the K-12th grade or post-secondary education levels? The Doctor of Philosophy (Curricular & Instructional Leadership) is designed for you. 

You’ll develop knowledge and skills in educational leadership, curriculum theory and design, instructional development, curriculum innovation, assessment of instruction, spiritual formation, and methods of instructional delivery.


Graduates with an Ph.D. in Educational Leadership go on to become:

Christian Higher Education Leadership

Increase your knowledge and skills in faculty development, strategic planning, assessment, spiritual formation, adult education, resource development, and instructional delivery systems with the Doctor of Philosophy (Christian Higher Education Leadership) concentration.


Graduates with an Ph.D. in Educational Leadership go on to become:

  • Administrators in Christian Higher Education

  • President, Vice-President or Dean of a higher education institution

  • Program Director

  • Enrollment Management

Doctor of Ministry

Our Doctor of Ministry degree is designed to expand your knowledge of the foundations of and current developments in ministry, to deepen understanding of your philosophy of ministry, to enhance your ability to function professionally, to increase your capacity to think and act purposefully in ministry, and to strengthen your spiritual and moral integrity.

Our D.Min. graduates can be found around the globe, going where God leads them in their passion for serving people in all walks of life.

They came to CIU’s Seminary & School of Ministry as experienced pastors, preachers, chaplains, and missionaries. They left with their D.Min. degree, but more importantly, with the enhanced knowledge and skills that equip them for fulfilling careers of knowing Christ and making him known.

Refer to the Academic Catalog for admission requirements, academic information, and degree candidacy.


Biblical Literature

Why minor in Biblical Literature at CIU?

If you want to get in-depth training in the content and interpretative approaches to the Bible, the Biblical Literature minor will provide this. You will choose either the Old Testament or New Testament Exegetical Book Study for your course of study along with the History of Bible Interpretation course. The Biblical Literature minor will prepare you to discuss the teaching of individual books in detail.

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