Professor Mike Barnett with the Lord

August 11, 2015

Columbia International University is saddened to announce the sudden passing of Dr. Mike Barnett, professor of Intercultural and Historical Studies and former dean of CIU’s College of Intercultural Studies. He was rushed to the hospital by paramedics early in the morning on Aug. 10 and passed away after attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

Dr. Barnett served at CIU for 11 years. He was 62 years old and is survived by his wife Cindy and adult children Cole Barnett and Michelle (Barnett) Morris.

Urban Legends of the New Testament

August 10, 2015
Urban Legends of the New Testament by David Croteau

Was Jesus born in a stable? Was the “Eye of a Needle” a gate in Jerusalem? Did Jesus sweat drops of blood?

Dr. David Croteau, CIU professor of New Testament and Greek surveys 40 of the most commonly misinterpreted passages in the New Testament in a new book titled “Urban Legends of the New Testament.” Croteau says these “urban legends” often arise because interpreters neglect a passage’s context, misuse historical background information, or misunderstand the Greek language.


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