How our Churches Ignore the Disabled

December 07, 2016
Dr. Johnny Miller, professor emeritus, CIU Seminary & School of Ministry

Is your church sensitive to the physically disabled within the congregation? That’s a question raised by Dr. Johnny V. Miller, professor emeritus in the CIU Seminary & School of Ministry. Miller, who also served as CIU’s fourth president from 1991-1999, asks the question as one who is himself physically disabled.

In a guest editorial in The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, Miller wrote:

CIU Alumnus Mending Shattered Lives

December 07, 2016
Rob Settle, executive director, Providence Home, Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia International University alumnus Rob Settle oversees a haven for men with shattered lives. He is the executive director of Providence Home for men in Columbia, South Carolina. The mission of the ministry is simple:

"To help stabilize the living conditions of dislocated men and to encourage progress in realizing their full personal potential in self-sufficient living through the power of Jesus Christ."


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Joy to the World: CIU Celebrates a Family Christmas

December 02, 2016
CIU students pose in front of the campus Christmas tree.

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

Columbia International University students gathered on The Quad in front of the campus library on Nov. 29, to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season. Through a night of festivities, the student body welcomed the start of the holidays as a family.

“I love coming together with my brothers and sisters in Christ, celebrating the reason why we're here,” said sophomore Jennifer Craven.

CIU to Hold Two Commencements Dec. 9

November 30, 2016
Sen. Darrell Jackson

There will be commencement celebrations on both sides of the Broad River on Dec. 9. The first will be on the Monticello Road main campus of Columbia International University at 10 a.m. Then, at 1:30 p.m., directly across the river from CIU, graduates of the CIU Prison Initiative will receive their diplomas at the Kirkland Correctional Institution.


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