CIU Is Different

The Sad Semester’s End

They have finished their impossible Hermeneutics Final Project. Overdue assignments and research papers are destroyed! Freedom is here! CIU students frolic in the streets. Professors prance in the meadows while whooping and hollerin’ like maniacs. Some scandalous students may even dance with joy while chugging down a root beer or ginger ale!


I have officially completed my final fall semester of my undergraduate career.  In some ways, it feels like the past 3 ½ years have flown by; in other ways it feels like it’s been forever.

When I finished my first semester as a freshman, life was completely different…I was preparing to head to Mexico over Christmas break to visit a friend, I was single, I could easily stay up until 2 a.m. and function on little to no sleep, and I was an ICS major.

14 Down, 1 to Go

We’re down to the final week of the semester and coffee pots are working overtime, printers are constantly running, sleep is lacking, and distractions are plenteous.

Some students work until the last minute, racing to deliver assignments to various professors before the clock strikes 5 p.m. on Friday.  Others prefer to get everything done at the beginning of the week so they can head home early.

Christmas Music

It’s that time of year.  Christmas season is upon us and that means Christmas music is playing from just about every set of speakers in town. 

I find it interesting that, for a little over a month each year, almost every business and store has the same kind of music playing. 

Even more interesting is that the words of many traditional Christmas hymns are theologically rich. 

Perhaps most interesting is that non-Christians, even some of whom are opposed to the Christian message, are listening to (and maybe singing) lines like:


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