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Music and Truth

I probably don’t need to comment on the power of music.  It’s used therapeutically and motivationally in countless ways on a daily basis.  Is there a certain song you listen to or station you flip to on a bad day?  What playlist is your favorite when you want to exercise?  Those are just a couple examples, not including music that gets played in stores, music for relaxation, and music to create a comfortable atmosphere.

What I Missed Most

Just last week classes began and the fall semester was officially underway.  In some ways, it feels like summer was months ago.  As refreshing as breaks from school can be, there are several things I miss when CIU is not in session.

The thing I missed most over the summer was chapel.  I feel so privileged to attend a university where God’s name and Word are held in high honor.  Setting aside time each day to respond to the Lord in song and hear from the Bible are not things I want to take for granted.

Happy and Blessed

The word “blessing” is thrown around a lot, especially in Christian circles.  We often equate it with material things (ex. – My new car is such a blessing), relationships (ex. – Knowing her is a blessing), or favorable circumstances (ex. – My roommate isn’t a morning person – what a blessing).  When we say things like that, the message is clear.  Our friends understand what we mean. 

No Exceptions

One of the reasons I love Psalm 145 is because of David’s frequent use of the word “all.”  More than ten times in 21 verses, he makes sweeping statements about the scope of God’s love, power, strength, and faithfulness.

He is good to all and has compassion on all He has made.

He is faithful to all His promises.

He is righteous in all His ways.

The Olympics, Nationalism, and You

As the televisions of America tune in to the Olympic Games, many of us
are awe-inspired by the amazing displays of athletic excellence. I
find it amusing that we sit on our couches in stagnation to appreciate
these feats of human’s peak performance. That particular irony aside,
I have been pondering one aspect of the Olympic Games lately:
I listened to an NPR program earlier this week that mentioned the
positive and negative effects of nationalism in the Olympics. One

A Simple Reminder

“This day will bring me nearer home.”

Sometimes the simplest statements are also the most profound.  Sometimes the most obvious concepts are also the most overlooked.

When I read the above quote in Valley of Vision (a book of Puritan prayers) this morning, it was like the thought had never even crossed my mind.  I stopped, reflected on it, re-read it, and haven’t stopped repeating it to myself all day.


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