CIU Is Different

In Mr. Bell's Defense

I remember when the book Love Wins, came out. It created quite a stir
in the evangelical community as a whole, and also right here on
campus. The book was written by a popular pastor by the name of Rob
Bell. To many, this name is now synonymous with apostasy and
Godlessness. Now that the dust has settled a bit, I am respectfully
arguing that this is not the case.

Learning to be Silent

My major at CIU (aside from Bible) is psychology. Over the last two years, I have had the privilege of learning from and studying under professors who know the subject well and have a passion for it. Not only do they want me to grasp psychology from a critical Biblical perspective, they desire that I develop a compassionate heart for people. If I can hold these two in balance, by the Lord’s grace, I can be an effective Biblical counselor.



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