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Be Reconciled to God

I recently had a conflict with a friend of mine, and after considering how I thought I should handle the situation, the Lord graciously reminded me that He had a bigger and more glorious plan for this relationship. I should earnestly seek reconciliation with her, just as my Savior, Jesus Christ, has done with us.

What does it mean to be reconciled? Merriam Webster describes it as restoring friendship or harmony. Scripture supplies us with the reason for reconciliation.

When Obedience Becomes a Burden

Malachi 1 is a painful account of God’s indictment against Israel’s priests who had been offering blind, crippled, and diseased animals to Him in the temple. 

We know that the sacrificial system was established graciously by God for His people as a means of atonement.  In a beautiful move toward a restored, whole relationship, God takes the initiative.  He makes forgiveness of sins possible.  Peace with God can be a reality.

Mutual Encouragement

I long to see you so that…you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith (Romans 1:11-12).

This summer I am privileged to be part of a weekly Bible study comprised of girls from CIU.  When we get together (and when I consider my CIU experience as a whole), I can’t help but think of the above verse.

A Daily Choice

I can’t speak for you, but I know there are days when I really don’t feel like worshipping the Lord.  Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and other times my mind is racing with concerns.  In times like those, the last thing I feel like doing is praising God (whether in song, word, attitude, or action).  If we’re being honest, we can probably all attest to feeling this way at different points in our lives. 

But I find both interesting and challenging the basis of King David’s worship…

Using the Phrase “I’ve Been Busy” As an Excuse

People can use the phrase, “I’ve been busy” to excuse all sorts of behavior. A parent might give the crazy excuse, “Sorry that I never tell you that I love you. I’ve been busy.” People can apologize, “I’ve been busy. That’s why I didn’t read my Bible or pray.” People can blame the pressures of homework or jobs for why they haven’t maintained healthy friendships with family and friends.


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