CIU Is Different


Have you ever gone star-tipping? Well, here at CIU, star-tipping is what we do. Star-tipping is where one person stares at a star then spins around in circles while someone counts to 30 and then once they reach 30 they shine a bright light into the person who was spinning eye's, and if the spinning person hasn't fallen over already, the light is sure to make you fall flat on your backside. So if you ever see people spinning around and walking around like their tipsy on campus at night time - it's not drinking, it's star-tipping. Best. Game. Ever. CIUID

A lad playing for the south

At the North vs. South game last weekend, a guy walked on the field with a kilt and playing the bagpipes. Then some other South guys walked on locking arms. Made me think of a scene that would be in Braveheart when the men were preparing for battle. I guess the CIU Bowl could also be seen as a battle scene from Braveheart, the only difference is that no one at the game had a scottish accent.  -CIUID


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