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Stop Kony.

There's a trending topic on Twitter, a viral video on YouTube/Facebook, and everyone's definitely going to make this man famous.

From what I understand, Joseph Kony is a big part in sex trafficking and also forcing children into the military/war in Africa, this man is a monster and does need to be stopped. I am so proud of people for FINALLY speaking out about this issue and for making people aware, I think that is a great and wonderful thing.

My only thing is.......this kind of stuff isn't just in Africa......

Guard your heart!

How many times have you heard the above phrase? "Guard your heart!"

I'm sure that we ALL, especially us ladies, have heard that at least a million times in our lives. Most of the time, we think of it as guarding our hearts against having feelings for someone, to not let it consume us, and to keep our eyes on Christ. I do think that this verse can apply to that, but a picture I saw the other day totally blew my mind and perspective on the verse in Proverbs that talks about this. (Proverbs 4:23)

The Romance of Coffee

Late nights. Early mornings. Dragging afternoons. There are few places more likely to drive one to caffeine than college. Therefore it is no surprise that coffee is among a college student's best friends. Today I felt I simply had to post an essay written by my brilliant roommate Zac Ellison. For those who've not read GK Chesterton, Zac's style and thought process are remarkably similar to Chesterton's. Enjoy this work of creative genius as Zac looks at the world in a way that finds wonder in the "normal" objects we encounter every day, yet often take for granted...

Ruminations of a Res Life Applicant

It was a dark and stormy night, and the rain driven branches lashed against the dorm windows with fury. My new hall mates and I nervously mulled about in the florescent lighted corridor, murmuring back and forth in low whispers that reverberated off the cinder block walls. Then, it happened. All fell silent as the RA entered the hall and our first ordeal, trial by hall meeting, began...

Breaking down walls.

God has put such a heavy burden on my heart.....a heart for those outside the church walls. I feel that we do a great job at reaching out to those outside the church walls, but God has opened my eyes to how desperately people outside the walls need to be reached.

I have a few friends who have turned their backs on God and it breaks my heart. And I definitely feel God pressing that upon my heart - to pray fiercely for them each and every day, to cry out to my Father to protect them, to open their eyes to the Truth that He gives us every day.


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