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Missions: The Heartbeat of CIU

Your heartbeat. It maintains life. It provides blood flow to every part of you, so that the body works properly. You would never question your heartbeat. You’d never wish for your heart to take a break for a little while. You’d never feel that your heartbeat is distracting or annoying. You’d never do that, because your heartbeat is essential for survival. But I fear that we occasionally question our heartbeat at CIU.  

Occupy Fleece: Christmas in the Middle of January

Mystery surrounded the announcement of “Occupy Fleece.” People’s curiosity forced them to ask strange questions. Would we lay down wet fleeces asking for signs from God like Gideon did in Judges 6? Were we being encouraged to wear dry fleece jackets to stay warm during the cold winter? Were we going to invade a local sheep farm to steal their wool to make fleece coats? Well, it turns out that “Occupy Fleece” was simply a celebration of the opening of our new library called “the G. Allen Fleece Library.”


Well, this blog entry is going to make some of you uncomfortable and quite possibly furious with me. Honestly, that's fine with me because what I'm about to say is something I feel needs to be said, a subject we don't talk about enough.


Okay, so most of you have probably seen or heard of this video going viral on Facebook, please know and understand that what I am about to say is solely my opinion and I guess rebuttal to what some people have said about the video.


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