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mission of god

Adoption in Bangladesh: Capturing the Significance of Scripture

Dr. William Larkin and I co-taught the course Understanding Cultures and Worldviews at CIU for many years. As his partner in the class, I was often deeply moved by redemptive concepts and ideas which he drew from Scripture to illustrate God’s working in and through culture to bring people to faith in Christ. One of those concepts he expressed was “capturing the significance” of Scripture for the culture.

New books by CIU Alum Andreas Kostenberger

Heads up on new books by CIU alum Andreas Kostenberger. What does this have to do with the mission of God? Everything. The core teachings and life modeling of Jesus are at the center of the mission of God. He IS the light to the Gentiles (Isa 49:6). He is the blessing for all peoples (Gen 12:2-3). He equipped his followers for the MoG (Matt 28:18-20). He is the “mission of God accomplished,” the Lamb of God, worshipped by all tribes (Rev 7:9). Looking forward to reading what Dr. Kostenberger has for us!

What is genuine conversion?

Recently, I completed reading the book The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort.  This book’s thesis can be summarized in a single sentence:  The law of God must be preached in order for true conviction to take place and a genuine conversion to occur.  Comfort is reacting against the many methods of evangelism that he feels short-change the issue of conviction of sin.  I agree with some of Comfort’s points but I think he has overreacted and presented a fairly enthocentric reading of the Bible t

Language Learning

Some CIU faculty, staff, and students weighed in with their thoughts on learning another language. What about you? Have you learned another language? What have you learned about God, culture, and yourself through language learning?


Ministering Professionals

At CIU we educate students to become ministering professionals (and professional ministers) to impact the world with the message of Jesus. As a professor, one of the greatest challenges is to plant a vision for how that intentional witness or discipling or church planting really works when you are a professional minister.


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