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Joan E. Havens

Spanish Professor

B.A. (Spanish), Fairleigh Dickinson University; M.A. (Spanish), University of California at Los Angeles; M.A, Columbia Biblical Seminary; Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. Joan Havens is director of the Master of Christian Education (MACE) degree program at Columbia Biblical Seminary & School of Missions. She has taught in public and Christian schools and served in churches as coordinator of Christian education and director of children's ministries. She was an adjunct instructor in religious education at Southwestern Baptist Seminary and in Spanish at Texas Christian University.

In 1992 she joined the seminary faculty after serving for 31/2 years as director of children's ministries at Southcliff Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Havens taught in the Paramus Public Schools, Paramus, New Jersey, for 17 years, and at Our Lady of Victory School, Fort Worth, Texas, for three years. She is the author of "Parent Education Levels as They Relate to Academic Achievement Among Home Schooled Children," Home School Researcher, Vol. 10, num. 4, 1994.

B.A., 1966 Fairleigh Dickinson University; M.A., 1969, University of California at Los Angeles; M.A.C.E., 1985, Columbia Biblical Seminary & Graduate School of Missions; Ph.D., 1991, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; teacher, 1969-86, Paramus Public Schools, Paramus, NJ; Coordinator of Christian Education, 1985-86, First Baptist Church of Grantwood, Cliffside Park, NJ; teacher, 1986-89, Our Lady of Victory School, Fort Worth, TX; Adjunct instructor in Spanish, 1990-92, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX; Director of Children’s Ministries, 1989-92, Southcliff Baptist Church. Columbia Biblical Seminary and School of Missions, 1992 .


Richard J. Higgins

Richard J. Higgins
(803) 807-5376

B.A., University of Rochester; M.Ed., University of South Carolina; M.Div., D.Min., Columbia Biblical Seminary & Graduate School of Missions


Dr. Higgins serves as Associate Pastor of The Church at LifePark in Mount Pleasant, SC. From 1992 until 1996, he served CIU first as university registrar, then as dean of married students. From 1996 until 2013, he served on the faculty of the Seminary & School of Ministry as associate dean for ministry skills development.

Dr. Higgins holds a DMin from Columbia Biblical Seminary and Graduate School of Missions, an MEd from the University of South Carolina, and a BA from the University of Rochester


Donald L. Hamilton

Donald L. Hamilton
Emeritus Professor of Homiletics
(803) 807-5340
B.A., Malone College; M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; D.Min., Bethel Theological Seminary

Dr. Hamilton served on the faculty of CIU’s Seminary & School of Ministry from 1982 until his retirement in 2013. He also served as Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program from 2009 until 2013. Before coming to Columbia, he served on the staff of Youth for Christ, as part-time instructor at Minnesota Bible College, and as pastor of congregations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. His first book, Homiletical Handbook, was published by Broadman in 1992 and remains in print. His second book, Preaching with Balance, was published in 2007.


Larry E. Dixon

Photo of Larry Dixon, Professor of Systematic Theology at CIU
Professor of Systematic Theology
(803) 807-5373
B.A., Northeastern Bible College; M.Div., Biblical School of Theology; M.Phil., Ph.D., Drew University

Dr. Dixon joined the faculty of CIU’s Seminary & School of Ministry in 1997 and has taught Systematic Theology from that date until the present. Before coming to Columbia, he taught at Northeastern Bible College from 1986 until 1988 and served as professor of biblical and theological studies at Providence College in Manitoba, Canada from 1988 until 1996. He also served in Germany with International Teams.

Books Published:



Published Periodical Articles, Essays, Dictionary Entries:

  • “Angels:  They’re Not What You Think” in “Reach Out, Columbia” Magazine, 2012.
  • “Warning a Wrath-Deserving World: Evangelicals and the Overhaul of Hell,” The Emmaus Journal, 2:7-21, Summer 1993.
  • “Back to the Basics: A Fairly Serious Survey of the Fundamentals of the Faith,” The Emmaus Journal, 7:241-253, Winter 1998.
  • “Learning to Listen: The Absolute Need for an Absolute Authority,” The Emmaus Journal, 8:79-89, Summer 1999.
  • “Will the Real Jesus Stand Up?: The Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ,” The Emmaus Journal, 8:165-180, Winter 1999.
  • “What a Mighty God We Serve: The Doctrine of God,” The Emmaus Journal, 9:37-72, Summer 2000.
  • “What is Man? The Doctrine of the Human Being,” The Emmaus Journal, 9:155-169, Winter 2000.
  • “The Doctrine of Sin,” The Emmaus Journal, 10:91-104, Summer 2001.
  • “The Doctrine of Salvation,” The Emmaus Journal, 10:199-226, Winter 2001.
  • The ‘Shy’ Member of the Trinity: The Holy Spirit,” The Emmaus Journal, 11:289-298, Winter 2002.
  • “The Doctrine of Angels,” The Emmaus Journal, 11:79-86, Summer 2002.
  • “The Doctrine of the Church,” The Emmaus Journal, 13:239-260, Winter 2004.
  • “The Other Comforter: The Place of the Holy Spirit in the Trinity,” The Emmaus Journal, 13:73-119, Summer 2004.
  • “Whatever Happened to Heresy? Heroes or Heretics?—Two Classic Examples,” The Emmaus Journal, 18:193-205, Winter 2009.
  • “Whatever Happened to Heresy?” The Emmaus Journal, 18:63-69, Summer 2009.
  • “Whatever Happened to Heresy?” A Biblical Approach to Dealing with Heretics,” The Emmaus Journal, 19:65-67, Winter 2010.
  • “Whatever Happened to Heresy?”, Part 4, “Help! One of My Friends and Some of His Friends Seem to Be, How Shall I Say it? Uh, Heretics,” The Emmaus Journal, 19:211-222, Summer 2010.

Published Book Reviews:

  • “Five by McLaren: A Narrative Review Article of Five Books by Brian McLaren,” The Emmaus Journal,14:217-271, Winter 2005.
  • “A Review of Three Books on Eternal Lostness,” The Emmaus Journal, 20:213-230, Winter 2011.
  • “Love Wins—or  Jesus Rescues? A Review Article of Rob Bell’s Book,” The Emmaus Journal, 19:95-109, Winter 2010.
  • Review of “Love Wins” in “Reach Out, Columbia”         Magazine 2012.

Papers Presented:

  • “Agreeing with Pagans:  Paul’s Consequent Nihilism in I Corinthians 15:32,” a paper presented at the ETS conference, November 18, 1989, San Diego, CA.
  • “Making Theology Fun,” a paper presented at the ETS Regional Conference, Bethel Seminary, 1990, Minneapolis, MN.
  • "Warning a wrath-deserving world : evangelicals and the overhaul of hell," paper presented at the 44th annual conference of the Evangelical Theological Society; November 19-21, 1992; San Francisco, CA.
  • “‘Questions, Anyone?’” The Interrogatory Method of Jesus,” A Paper Presented to the Evangelical Theological Society, November 19, 2003; Atlanta, GA.
  • Plenary sessions at “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference, Emmaus Bible College: “The Holy Spirit:  The Shy Member of the Trinity” (2002); “The Challenge of a Changing Culture” (2006); “The Challenge of the Emergent Church” (2006); “Caring for the Unsaved” (2007)

Philip M. Steyne

Professor Emeritus
(803) 807-5332

B.A., Roosevelt University; M.Div., Northern Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Miss., Fuller School of World Missions

Dr. Steyne served on the faculty of CIU’s Seminary & School of Ministry from 1980 until his retirement in 2004. Before coming to Columbia, he served from 1961 until 1975 with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in Swaziland and South Africa and from 1975 until 1980 as chairman of the missions department at Philadelphia College of the Bible. He has also served as pastor of congregations in Pennsylvania and South Carolina and has traveled widely in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the South Pacific in the interest of world evangelization. His books include Gods of Power and In Step with the God of the Nations.


Warren F. Larson

Warren Larson
Professor Emeritus
(803) 807-5325

Diploma, Peace River Bible Institute; B.Th., Vancouver Bible College; M.Miss., Canadian Theological Seminary; M.Div., Trinity Western University; Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

Warren Larson is the director of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at CIU's Seminary & School of Missions. He also teaches courses related to ministry among Islamic peoples. He joined the CIU-SSM faculty in 1996. Due to his understanding of radical Islam, he has been quoted widely in both Christian and secular publications.

He travels extensively, addressing diverse audiences around the world on communicating to Muslims with love and understanding. He welcomes opportunities to speak on Islam as a world-wide religion in all its varied aspects and its deep needs. Larson attended the Peace River Bible Institute in Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada from 1963 to 1965. During his final year he felt called by God to the mission field and arrived in Pakistan in 1968. After studying Urdu for two years, he began missionary work among Muslims in Dera Ghazi Khan, South Central Punjab. He worked with a local church and operated a reading room in the bazaar.

After completing his bachelor of theology degree at Vancouver Bible College during a furlough in 1974, Larson returned to Dera Ghazi Khan. In 1975 he and his wife, Carol, launched Newspaper Evangelism, putting ads in national newspapers and sending literature to those who responded. In 1976 he started the Good News Center, a Bible correspondence school that is still functioning under Pakistani leadership. He supervised the work of 15 expatriates in the Pakistan Department of International Missions from 1978 to 1988. During this time he also piloted Theological Education by Extension in South Central Pakistan. During a furlough in 1988, he earned a Master of Missiology degree at the Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina, Saskatchewan. Two years after returning to Dera Ghazi Khan, he was charged with spying on the nuclear facilities of Pakistan, keeping illegal maps in his vehicle, and preaching Christianity in the marketplace. A full and fair investigation was never made, though he fought long and hard in order to clear his name. In August 1991, along with his family, he was forced to leave.

Larson earned a Master of Divinity degree at Trinity Western University in Vancouver in 1993. He went on to earn a Ph.D. at Fuller Seminary in 1996. He served as Dr. J. Dudley Woodberry's teaching assistant for several courses in Islam while at Fuller. His dissertation, "Islamic Ideology and Fundamentalism in Pakistan: Climate for Conversion to Christianity?" was published in 1998 by University Press of America. That same year it was chosen as one of the fifteen most significant books in North America on missions.

Diploma, Peace River Bible Institute; B.Th., Vancouver Bible College; M.Miss., Canadian Theological Seminary; M.Div., Trinity Western University; Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary; church planter, Christar (formerly International Missions, Inc.), Pakistan, 1968-91 (director, reading room for Muslims, 1968-76; administrator, Bible Correspondence School, 1976-91; newspaper evangelism, 1976-91; department superintendent, 1978-88); teacher's assistant, research assistant, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1993-96; faculty, Columbia Biblical Seminary and School of Missions, 1996-present; director, Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies, 2003-present.

  • One area of particular interest is the degree to which Christians should contextualize the Gospel in working with Muslims. Considerable controversy exists about the "Insider Movement" and some of it focuses on the technical difference between C4 and C5.
  • Other areas of interest include the spiritual world of Islam, Qur'anic studies and crossing cultural barriers to reach them for Christ.

David G. Cashin

David Cashin, professor of Intercultural Studies at CIU
Professor of Intercultural Studies
(803) 807-5326

B.A., Gordon College; M.A., Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; M.A., Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden

Dr. Cashin is professor of intercultural studies at Columbia Biblical Seminary and School of Ministry. Dr. Cashin obtained his bachelor of arts degree in history from Gordon College and his master of arts and doctor of philosophy in indology from Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. While in Sweden, Dr. Cashin served as pastor of two churches. He wrote and taught courses and seminars in Islamic history, theology and Muslim-Christian relations.

For nine years Dr. Cashin served in Bangladesh as missionary, church planter, educator and development worker with SIM International. He is fluent in Bengali and Swedish and has extensive knowledge of seven other languages.

In the United States Dr. Cashin served as press secretary to the U.S. Center for World Mission and as director of research at the Samuel Zwemer Institute of Islamic Studies.

Prior to joining the faculty of Columbia Biblical Seminary and School of Missions, Dr. Cashin was principal of Valley Christian School in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Dr. Cashin is the author of The Ocean of Love: Ali Rajâ’s gam and Jnân Sâgara, The Ocean of Love: Middle Bengali Sufi Literature and the Fakirs of Bengal, The Secret of the Blessing of Abraham, Study Guide for the Blessing of Abraham, and Muhammad and the People of the Book. He also has published numerous articles on Islam and other subjects.

Dr. Cashin and his wife, Margareta, reside in Columbia.

Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden; press secretary, US Center for World Mission, 1977-79; director of research, Samuel Zwemer Institute of Islamic Studies, 1979-80; immigrant relations specialist, Saron Baptist Church, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1980-82; missionary, church planter, educator and development worker, SIM International, 1982-91; city translator, Eskilstuna, Sweden, 1991-94; teacher and seminar leader, Örebro Theological Seminary, 1991-95; pastor, Johanneberg Baptist and Salem Baptist Church, 1991-95; interim pastor, Stony Brook Community Church, 1996-97; principal, Valley Christian School, 1995-2001; faculty, Columbia Biblical Seminary and School of Ministry, 2001-present.

  • Islamics
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Prison ministry

Mark Bolte

Bryan Bolte, counseling professor at CIU
Counseling Professor
(803) 807-5341

B.A., Tennessee Temple University; M.S., Loyola College; Psy.D., Florida Tech

Mark Bolte Psy.D. is a full professor in the College of Counseling, and former Director of the MA Counseling Program. He teaches several of the core counseling courses in the areas of diagnosis, assessment, personal development and theory. 

He was raised in Binghamton New York and has lived most of his life along the east coast. Dr. Bolte has worked in the area of mental health since 1984, with experiences in the areas of chemical dependency, stress and trauma management, military and public safety psychology, and several different outpatient Christian private practices.

He came to Columbia with his wife, Susan and their two boys, Scott and Reese, after being stationed at Fort Jackson by the United States Army. Here he served as the Chief Psychologist and helped to develop the Drill Sergeant screening program.

Dr. Bolte continued work in the area of personnel psychology through his position with the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, where he managed the psychological screening of law enforcement officers and taught at the police academy. He also maintains a part-time private practice with a group of other Christian therapists in downtown Columbia.

Dr. Bolte began teaching at CIU in 2000. Here he discovered his passion to teach and mentor as he led students to explore God's process of healing and growth. Strongly influenced by the teaching and writing of Dr. Larry Crabb, Dr. Bolte would describe his view of Christian counseling as centered upon the Spirit-empowered relational communication of grace and truth within a developmental and cultural understanding of the individual. He is fond of quoting Dr. Crabb as saying "nothing changes us more than to look bad in the face of love." When not spending his free time with his family, Dr. Bolte can be found either in his gardens or tinkering at his workbench.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  APA residency in clinical psychology, 1996, Tripler Army Medical Center; Psy.D. (Clinical Psychology), 1996, Florida Tech Mental health worker, Sheppard Pratt hospital, 1984-89; psychotherapist in private practice, Baltimore MD, 1988-1992; addiction counselor, Epoch Counseling Center, 1989-92; instructor, Midlands Technical College, Beltline Campus, 1997; chief of psychology service, Fort Jackson's Community Mental Health Service, 1996-99; command psychologist, Fort Jackson's Community Mental Health Service, 1998-99; chief psychologist, South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Criminal Justice Academy Division, 1999-2003; psychologist in private practice, Palmetto Counseling Associates, 1999-present; Director of the MA Counseling Program, Columbia International University, 2005-2010; counseling professor, Columbia International University, 2000-present; SC Licensed Clinical Psychologist.


Bolte, M., Herod, L., Edwards, L., Mallard, A &, Rose, R.  (2015).  Innovations in client outcome measures as demonstrated through Columbia International University’s on campus Personal Enrichment Program,  Poster Presentation for the 9th Annual USC Counseling Conference (2015). 

Bolte, M. (2002).  Law enforcement stress awareness., Presented at the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Criminal Justice Academy.

Bolte, M. (2005).  Psychological entrance standards.  Presented at the National Conference on Law Enforcement Testing and Measurement, Columbia SC. 

Bolte, M. (2001).  Psychological entrance standards report.  Presented at the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Criminal Justice Academy. 

Bolte, M. (1996).  The US Army drill sergeant assessment and selection program.  Presented to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Training, Headquarters, TRADOC, Fort Monroe, VA.  

Bolte, M. (1995).  MMPI Profiles of combat veterans: Differences in levels of functional impairment. Poster Presentation for the South East Psychological Convention. 

Bolte, M. (1994).  MMPI Profiles of combat veterans: Differences in levels of functional impairment. MS Thesis for the Florida Tech School of Psychology. 


Sharon Berry

Adjunct Professor of Education

B.S.E., University of Arkansas; M.S., Old Dominion University; Ph.D., Gallaudet University

Sharon R. Berry, PhD, is a well-known speaker and author with more than 300 products to her credit. She has worked in public and Christian schools for over 30 years as a special education teacher and administrator. She was director of curriculum for ACSI for several years and now serves as vice-president of Christian Academic Publications and Services in Birmingham, Alabama and is the founder and director of Deaf Online University.

Her B.A. is from the University of Arkansas, her M.A. is from Old Dominion University, and she is the first person to receive a Ph.D. from Gallaudet University. Dr. Berry is the daughter of deaf parents and is an experienced teacher of the Deaf, a former Principal of the Virginia School for the Deaf at Hampton. She is a prolific writer of curriculum for Christian Academic Publications & Services and has several curriculum series published by Lifeway. She has held numerous positions as consultant, speaker, and adjunct faculty. Her research interests are: current implications of brain research, Special education, child development and discipline.She serves on various boards, including NILD, Christian Deaf Fellowship, ME Foundation and Riverside Foundation.

Dr. Berry is married to a retired pastor and has two daughters. She is involved with deaf ministries and enjoys reading and writing, gardening, music, and her grandchildren.

Teacher, Arkansas School for the Deaf, 1965-69; special education teacher, Portsmouth Public Schools, 1969-1974; special education teacher, Virginia Beach Public Schools, 1974-77; adjunct professor in special education at three universities, 1973-present; principal, Virginia School in Hampton, 1979-83; teacher, curriculum coordinator, director of special education, Lynchburg Christian Academy, 1983-84; director, Shades Mountain Christian Schools, 1984-94; director of curriculum, Association of Christian Schools International, 1989-1996; founder and vice president, Christian Academic Publications & Services, 1996-present; founder and director, Deaf Online University, 2002-present


Tom Barbian

Tom Barbian
Counseling Professor

B.A., Southern California College; M.S., California Lutheran University

Dr. Barbian received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Cambridge Graduate School of Psychology in Los Angeles. He holds a Masters Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, and a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies. He has had extensive counseling experience in private practice as well as in a church setting. He was Co-Director of Associated Christian Therapy Services in California and has been actively involved in church leadership for many years. He has been Director of the Christian Counseling Center of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia since its founding in 1997.

Dr. Barbian has received specialized training in addictions, marriage counseling, anxiety disorders, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, child therapy, Critical Incident-Stress Debriefing, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He holds certifications in: South Carolina: Licensed Professional Counselor, Lic. No. 2665
South Carolina: Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Lic. # 3823
California: Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor Lic. MFC # 27025
and is a Licensed Minister with Harvest Community Church, Southern Baptist.

Married for over thirty years, Dr. Barbian and his wife Corrine have five children.

B.A., Southern California College; M.S., California Lutheran University; Ph.D., Cambridge Graduate School of Psychology; staff member, Church of the Living Christ, 1982-89; MFCC intern, private practice, 1986-89; marriage, family and child counselor, Antelope Valley Christian Counseling Center, 1989-91; director, Care Options, 1994-97; professional advisor, CHADD, 1991-97; assistant professor, Chapman University, 1996; clinical director, part-owner, Associated Christian Therapy Services, 1991-97; executive director, Christian Counseling Center, First Presbyterian Church, 1997-present; Licensed Professional Counselor.



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