Faculty/Director, Business and Organizational Leadership Program

College of Arts and Sciences
July 01, 2016


The Director of the Business and Organizational Leadership (BOL) program provides vision and leadership for the BOL program, as well as serving as curriculum developer and instructor, interacting and advising students within the program, and teaching up to 7 courses per year (21 semester hours) within the disciplines of business and organizational leadership or in general education areas associated with the business program (e.g. economics).

The position will be open July 1, 2016.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide overall leadership for the program

  • Oversee development and refinement of the BOL curriculum

  • Advise and counsel students within the program

  • Assist in recruitment and evaluation of adjunct faculty within the discipline

  • Advise the library regarding acquisition and preservation of relevant materials (print and electronic)

  • Assist in the review of best practices in business in order to incorporate them into the curriculum based on the standards of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)

  • Teach up to seven (7) courses per year (21 semester hours)

  • Supervise adjunct faculty as needed; Work within the program budget

  • Serve on assigned university committees

  • Assist in training students via internships and practicum experiences within the community and internationally

  • Attend faculty meetings and appropriate campus events including chapel, conferences, prayer sessions, etc.

  • Affirm annually the institution’s mission, doctrinal position, and community standards

Education and Training

  • An earned doctorate (PhD or DBA) in business from an accredited university is required.

  • Capable and committed to completing additional studies (if the individual does not already have) in Bible, theology, and/or servant leadership models in order to integrate the disciplines effectively for students in a biblical university

  • Experience in business law/or and related legal areas (e.g. corporations, government)

  • Experience in entrepreneurial or corporate business settings in the United States (with at least a three year work history in appropriate business settings)

  • Other relevant business and/or ministry experience (prefer someone with significant international/missions experience)

  • Multi-lingual ability preferred

  • Preference given to individuals with at least three years of experience teaching at the college level.  Women and minorities encouraged to apply.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Dispositions Needed

  • Extensive knowledge of the disciplines associated with business operations, communications, management and organizational leadership

  • Ability to plan and provide creative and/or entrepreneurial vision for the program

  • Understands the needs and trends associated with traditional college age students as well as the business professionals in the community

  • Ability to confront and resolve conflicts when necessary

  • Understands international business and how “business as mission” strategies can be used in limited access countries

  • Understanding of and experience in business law and/or legal aspects relating to business and organizational leadership

  • Ability to develop links with business professionals in the community

  • Ability to work with an advisory group of business and mission executives

  • Ability to network with international strategists with nonprofit professionals

  • Commitment to CIU’s biblical university mission

  • Commitment to live within the standards of the CIU community

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

Ben Lippen School
November 15, 2015

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Coach


The junior varsity girls soccer coach will work directly with the head varsity girls soccer coach and the Ben Lippen athletic department. He/she will coach the junior varsity girls soccer team.

General Qualifications

  1. Must be a mature believer in Christ with a clear and persuasive personal testimony and demonstrate a lifestyle consistent with the teaching of Scripture.
  2. Must accept the Statement of Faith of Ben Lippen School and its educational philosophy.
  3. Must demonstrate initiative and organization in the performance of his/her duties.
  4. Must have strong leadership skills as well as exhibit strong interpersonal skills.

Please contact Scott Jones at 803-572-2593.

College of Counseling Faculty

College of Counseling
12 mo/yr
August 01, 2016


  • Collaborates with the College of Counseling faculty team to offer professional training in clinical mental health counseling within a biblical worldview in order to provide Christ-like therapeutic relationships for healing and growth.
  • Embraces CIU’s educational philosophy of integrating academic excellence, spiritual formation, and ministry skills development, with Bible at the core.


  • Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from an accredited institution.
  • Licensed graduate of a CACREP program. At least five years of full-time clinical counseling experience.
  • At least three years of full-time teaching experience in graduate-level higher education .
  • Commitment to cross-cultural ministry outside the US.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Knowledge of and experience in clinical mental health counseling.
  • Expertise in child/adolescent and/or marriage/family counseling.
  • Proficiency in the use of educational and classroom technology.
  • Effectiveness in communicating with and coaching adult learners.
  • Commitment to teamwork and a collegial model of decision-making.

Assessment Coordinator

College of Education
40 Hours per week
July 01, 2016

NOTE:  Pending Budget Approval for 2016-2017


The position of Assessment Coordinator includes primary commitment to implement and supervise the assessment plan of the College of Education under the leadership of the Dean of the College of Education.


Assessment Coordinator for the College of Education (COE) provides on-going, faculty-based evaluation for improving the quality of all the COE Programs and ensuring that outcomes achieved are consistent with the mission and goals of COE and CIU.  Although assessment, as well as the accreditation process, is the responsibility of virtually every member of the University community, the function of the Assessment Coordinator is to be involved closely in the assessment process, primarily by managing—and eventually directing—the College of Education assessment, accreditation and licensure activities. These duties will include such activities as organizing the process with timelines, conducting constituent surveys, compiling information, providing an information database, collecting and entering data, completing files, analyzing statistics, providing feedback and information to the unit and programs for evaluative decision making, developing rubrics and charts, writing reports, testing, making modifications to assessments and the assessment process, attending meetings, keeping minutes and records, working with advisory council and stakeholders, keeping abreast of changes to standards, meeting with faculty and candidates, creating and revising course schedules and forms, working as a team with faculty to organize periodic events for prospective students and candidates and performing other related duties as required. Ultimately, the information gathered will be used to strengthen the College of Education programs by examining and revising: (1) the alignment of instruction and curriculum with CIU, professional, state and institutional standards; (2) the efficacy of courses, field experiences, and programs and (3) candidates’ attainment of dispositions, content knowledge and demonstration of teaching and leading that leads to student learning.

The development of students is at the heart of the purpose of the College of Education.  All members of the education team are called upon to embody and to implement CIU’s purpose and mission, To Know Him and To Make Him Known, as well as the educational philosophy of the College of Education and its conceptual framework. The College of Education focuses on equipping Christian educators to think, teach and lead biblically in educational settings throughout the world. This is accomplished by facilitating student growth in biblical knowledge, spiritual maturity, ministry orientation and the professional skills necessary for service in a variety of cultural contexts.


  • Organize, manage and complete timeline projects over multiple-year periods

  • Work effectively with colleagues

  • Use excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Prepare professional reports and presentations

  • Use information technology at a high level, including Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Foster student spiritual growth, ministry skills and personal development through modeling and mentoring

  • Knowledge of educational language, processes and purpose

  • Capacity for researching, designing and completing accreditation tasks

  • Familiarity with collecting, analyzing, presenting and using data

  • Use of computers for word processing, charts, database, electronic spreadsheet, presentation software, Internet, publishing, electronic portfolios and formatting

  • Ability to set and keep long-term and short-term deadlines

  • Attention to detail for grammar, taking minutes and organizing time and files

  • Utmost confidentiality, promptness and openness for constructive comments

  • Pleasant, helpful manner of working with people

  • Flexible, consistent and even-tempered personality

  • Professional ability, dress and manner

  • Accredited master’s degree in education, preferably with curriculum or assessment emphasis

  • Previous experience with grant or technical writing

  • Familiarity with standards-based assessment principles

  • Familiarity with national, state, ACSI and PK-12 education standards

  • Previous PK-12 or higher education teaching experience

  • Cross-cultural experience

Danise Stokeld

Danisie Stokeld, Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant
(803) 807-5609

B.A., University of Southern Mississippi; M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Danise Stokeld is the educational assistant for the College of Intercultural Studies at CIU. She and her husband, Keith, served for 14 years in Central Asia.  She coordinates the intercultural internship program for the undergraduate program, as well as keeps busy mentoring young ladies preparing for cross-cultural life and ministry. They have three teenagers who have made the adjustment to life in America after spending their formative years overseas. 


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