Reggie McNeal


B.A., University of South Carolina; M.Div., Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. McNeal enjoys helping people, leaders, and Christian organizations pursue more intentional lives. He currently serves as the Missional Leadership Specialist for Leadership Network of Dallas, Texas. His past experience involves over a decade as a denominational executive and leadership development coach. He also served in local congregational leadership for over twenty years, including being the founding pastor of a new church. He has lectured or taught as adjunct faculty for multiple seminaries. Reggie has contributed to numerous denominational publications and church leadership journals.


Carrie Caudill

Carrie Caudill, Psychology Professor at CIU
Professor of Psychology
(803) 807-5123

B.S. Columbia International University; Ed.S. University of South Carolina; Albert Ellis Institute; South Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor, 2007-present; Ph.D. University of South Carolina

Mrs. Caudill brings a family systems approach to Christian psychology in her teaching. Her heart's desire is to allow Christ to offer complete wholeness and healing to hurting people. In addition to teaching, she counsels at a local Christian private practice. Mrs. Caudill and her husband also facilitate a young adults group committed to seeking God.  The following are her research interests: strengthening Christian marriages, marital satisfaction and the role of gender and employment status, the effect of trauma on childhood development, personality traits and college success, and college student mental health.

B.A., Psychology and Biblical Studies Columbia International University; ED.S., Marriage and Family Counseling, University of South Carolina; doctoral candidate - University of South Carolina in Counselor Education and Supervision, 2009-present; Licensed Professional Counselor, Associate Counselor, Palmetto Counseling Associates, 2005-present; Family Counselor at the Addictions and Recovery Center, Richland Springs, 2006-2007.


Geoffrey Griffith

Intercultural Studies Professor
D. Min., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary

Geoffrey is a missionary statesman who desires to help the next generation of Intercultural Studies professionals develop wisdom before they move overseas. While he remains in leadership at SIM International near Charlotte, N.C., he drives to Columbia one semester each year in order to make a difference so that our students can truly know Christ and make Him known.

B.A., Eastern Washington State University; M.Div., D.Min., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. Missionary in South Africa, 1977-1985; executive director, American Council, Africa Evangelical Fellowship, 1986-1997; Ethnic Focus ministry and missionary in India with SIM International, 1997-present.


Charlie Koestline

Adjunct Counseling Professor

B.A., Suffolk University; M.A., Miami University

B.A., Suffolk University; M.A., Miami University; graduate assistant, Butler County Mental Health Center, 1968-70; intern in psychology, certificate from Wofford Hall, USAF Medical Center, 1971-72; clinical psychology, United States Air Force, 1971-75; SC Licensed Professional Counselor; SC Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; SC Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, 1985; Columbia Area Mental Health, 1975-2004; staff counselor, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 1985-present; staff counselor, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, 1985-2005; private practice, Palmetto Counseling Associates, 1995-2005; university counselor and adjunct faculty, Columbia International University, Graduate School Division/College of Counseling, 2001-present.adjunct faculty (Columbia International University, Graduate School Division, 2001-2010; adjunct faculty, Columbia International University, College of Counseling, 2010-present); SC Licensed Professional Counselor; SC Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; SC Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor.


Corrine Barbian

Psychology Professor

B.S., Chapman University; M.A., California Family Study Center

Mrs. Barbian serves as an adjunct professor in the Psychology program. She supervises the student practicum program. She is an excellent speaker and counselor. She is currently practicing at Lake Murray Counseling Center.

B.S., Chapman University; M.A., California Family Study Center. Counselor in clinical and private practice in California 1994-1998; Private practice in South Carolina, 2000-present; CISM Debriefing Team member, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, 2001-present. 2002


Ken Rife

Ken Rife, Communication/Digital Media Production Professor at CIU
Professor of Communication/Digital Media Production
(803) 807-5161

A.A., Southwest Virginia Community College; B.A. Radford University; M.A., Regent University

Ken brings a unique blend of academic training in film along with over 20 years of film-making experience specifically within ministry settings. He served with the media operation of Campus Crusade for Christ, and most recently directed a media production ministry called Starshell Media Ministries. He is excited about mentoring the next generation of videographers to "communicate Christ creatively."

A.A., Southwest Virginia Community College; B.A. Radford University; M.A., Regent University, Virginia. Media staff with CCCI, 1980-1999; Starshell Media, 2000-present. 2007


Christopher Little

Chris Little, Professor of Intercultural Studies
Professor of Intercultural Studies
(803) 807-5603

B.S., University of Southern California; M.Div., Talbot Theological Seminary; Th.M., Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

Christopher R. Little has over eighteen years of cross-cultural missionary experience on four different continents with five different mission organizations. He served in Kenya among the Luo tribe with Campus Crusade for Christ, in Europe and the Asian sub-continent with Operation Mobilization as the personal assistant to George Verwer, in Portugal and Mozambique among the Makhuwa tribe with African Inland Mission International, with World Mission Associates as the director of International Ministries, and in Jordan with the Baptist General Conference as an assistant Professor of Missiology at the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. In his present position as Professor of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University, he empowers students to think critically and serve effectively in mission throughout the various global contexts of the 21st century.

Dr. Little holds a B.S., University of Southern California; M.Div., Talbot Theological Seminary; Th.M. and Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary. In addition, he is the author of The Revelation of God Among the Unevangelized: An Evangelical Appraisal and Missiological Contribution to the Debate (William Carey Library, 2000), Mission in the Way of Paul: Biblical Mission for the Church in the Twenty-First Century (Peter Lang Publishing, 2005), and Polemic Missiology for the 21st Century: In Memoriam of Roland Allen (Kindle, 2013), as well as numerous articles on mission in various journals.


Glenn Gentry

Photo of Glenn Gentry, Humanities Program Director
Humanities Program Director, Professor of Philosophy
(803) 807-5646

B.S., Multnomah Bible College; M.A., Ph.D., Baylor University

Espousing a life of faith and praxis, Glenn Gentry professes philosophy not merely as a profession, but also as a means of investing in the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God. As a four-year missionary in Botswana, Africa and a loving husband and father, Glenn believes that to serve Christ well in life requires the ability to engage with the world judiciously. To this end, he strives to invest in the lives of his students by teaching critical thinking skills and rival conceptions of life. In substance, Glenn believes that grace is that gift and paradox through which the richer reality of God's love is known and made known. By grace we are saved, and by grace we develop into a richer and fuller communion with God and humanity.

B.S., Multnomah Bible College; M.A., Ph.D., Baylor University, Texas. Missionary with African Evangelical Fellowship in Botswana, 1988-1992; instructor in philosophy, McLennan Comm. College, 2002-2004; fellowship at Baylor University, 2003-2005; local church ministry, Halfway, Ore., 1993-1998; 2005


Leah Herod

Leah Herod, CIU professor
Director of Professional Relations
(803) 807-5315

B.A., The University of Alabama; M.S., Auburn University; Ph.D., Auburn University

Dr. Leah Herod loves chocolate, traveling, photography, and children. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Auburn University. From there, she opened a private practice in Alabama and specialized in behavioral disorders. She has an interest in other cultures, and has lived and worked abroad, traveling to over 30 countries. She has served in psychological, educational, and evangelistic missions to countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Brazil, Jamaica, Singapore, Thailand, and Kuwait. In 2003, she came to CIU to obtain a certificate in Biblical Studies. From 2004 to 2011, she was the Director of Internship Sites for the clinical counseling students.  In 2011, she transitioned to her current position of Director of Professional Relations.  She currently teaches in the College of Counseling as a resident faculty member.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Clinical Work in Alabama and South Carolina 1992-1998; Licensed Psychologist, Child and Family Services of Southeast Alabama, Dothan, Alabama 1999-2001, 2003; Adjunct Psychologist, Ramsay Youth Services, Dothan, Alabama, 2000-2001; Clinical Director, Chrysalis, A Home for Girls, Dothan, Alabama, 2000-2001; Short-term Missionary, Ethiopia, 2001; Psychologist-Short-term Missionary, Brazil, 2001; Teacher/Psychologist/Missionary in Egypt 2001-2002; Short-term Missionary/Psychologist in Liberia, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Egypt, 2003; Certificate in Biblical Studies, Columbia International University, 2005; Director of Internship Sites and Adjunct Faculty, 2004-11; Director of Professional Relations and Adjunct Faculty, Columbia International University, 2011-present.

Select Publications:

Payne, H. I. & Herod, L. (2016). Fourth Culture Kids (4CK). Manuscript in Preparation.

Bolte, M., Herod, L., Edwards, L., Mallard, A. &, Rose, R.  (2015).  Innovations in client outcome measures as demonstrated through Columbia International University’s on campus Personal Enrichment Program,  Poster Presentation for the 9th Annual USC Counseling Conference. 

Herod, L., & Payne, H. I. (2013). The journey of cross-cultural counseling. In P. Kilbourn (Ed.), Healing for Hurting Hearts: A Handbook for Counseling Children and Youth in Crisis (pp. 201-217). Ft. Washington, PA: CLC Publications.

Herod, L. (2013). Principles for group counseling. In P. Kilbourn (Ed.), Healing for Hurting Hearts: A Handbook for Counseling Children and Youth in Crisis (pp. 127-143). Ft. Washington, PA: CLC Publications.

Herod, L., & Payne, H.I. (2013, Sept. 20). Special Needs Children Need to be Special Somewhere Else. Fourth Culture Kids (4CK): A Hidden People Group? North American Mission Leaders Conference, (STAND), Dallas, TX.

Payne, H.I., & Herod, L.A. (2013, March 8). Understanding Fourth Culture Kids: What happens when you add the world of special needs to Third Culture Kids?” Southeast Regional Missiological Society Conference, Columbia, SC.

Herod, L.A. (2012, February 18). Tips from the Road: Cross-Cultural Counseling. Chi Sigma Iota conference, “For the Love of Counseling: Serving Clients Ethically and Competently, ” University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

Payne, H.I, & Herod, L.A. (2011, November 18). (Almost) Everything You Never Knew You Should Have Asked About Learning Disabilities: A Simple Model of Learning Disabilities. Workshop Session (1.5 hours), Mental Health and Missions Conference, Angola, Indiana.

Barbian, T., Herod, L., Kilbourn, P., & Morgan, D.  (2010, June 4) When the Bough Breaks: Crisis and Trauma Supervision – Panel Discussion. Continuing Education Conference for Counseling Internship Supervisors, Columbia International University, Columbia, SC.

Herod, L. A. (2008, October 3).  Group Experiential Techniques: Plan and Execution.  Workshop for Licensed Counselors at Palmetto Health Baptist Counseling Center. Ridgeway, South Carolina.

Herod, L. A., & Tampubolon, A.  (2007, June).  Group Therapy:  Application of a Structured Group Format with Tsunami Survivors.  Workshop with Counselor Trainees. Aceh, Indonesia.

Herod, L.A. (2007, April).  Counseling with Clients of a Different Faith – Considerations and Cautions.  Refuge Egypt, Cairo, Egypt.

Parlato, D. and Herod, L.A. (2006, April).  Challenges in Teams: Working for Yourself versus Working for the Team - A Case Study with Spiritual Applications.  Presentation and debriefing with three short-term teams.  Bethel Christian Camp, Gaston, South Carolina.

Herod, L.A., Parlato, D., and Watts, C.M.  (2006, February).  Team Dynamics: Leadership Responsibility (Ethics) versus Personal Relationships.  Presentation for counselors at Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina.

Herod, L.A. (2004).  Sense of Community and Spontaneous Prayer:  A Study of Graduate/Seminary Students at a Christian University.  Unpublished Manuscript.

Herod, L.A. (2004, May).  Sense of Community among Graduate Students at CIU - Research Results.  Presentation at Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina.

Cook, N. and Herod, L.A.  (2004).  Strangers in a Strange Land.  Unpublished document.

Herod, L.A. and Cook, N. (2004).  Cross Cultural Work: Teaching People to Fish. Unpublished Manuscript.

Herod, L.A. (2003, November).  Basic Behavior Management.  Overview of basic parenting techniques given to M.O.PS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group on two occasions in Rock Hill, S.C.

Herod, L.A. (2002, September and October).  Basic Behavior Management.  Three session workshop for parents, teachers, and caretakers, Enterprise, AL.

Herod, L.A.  (2002, January).  Managing Behavior in the Classroom.  Presentation at the African Hope Learning Center for Displaced Children, Cairo, Egypt.

Cook, N. and Herod, L.A. (2002).  Let Me Tell You a Story:  A Group with Sudanese Children.  Treatment manual.  Unpublished document.

Herod, L.A., and Dismukes, R. (2000, October).  Externalizing Behaviors: The art of managing behavior - A conceptual model providing linkage from assessment through treatment.  Presentation at the Fourth Annual Wiregreass Area       Conference on Behavior and Learning Disorders of Childhood, Dothan, AL.

Shapiro, S.K., Buckhalt, J.A., and Herod, L.A. (1995).  Evaluation of learning disabled    students with the Differential Ability Scales.  Journal of School Psychology, 33, 247-263.

Herod, L.A., and Shapiro, S.K. (1994, November).  SCAN and auditory vigilance test performance in ADHD children.  Poster session presented at the 1994 American Speech, Hearing and Language Association (ASHA) Annual convention, New Orleans, LA.

Herod, L.A., and Shapiro, S.K. (1994, April).  Combining visual and auditory tasks in the assessment of ADHD.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association, New Orleans, LA.

Shapiro, S.K., and Herod, L.A. (1994).  Combining visual and auditory tasks in the assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  In D.K. Routh (Ed.), Disruptive Behaviors in Childhood (pp. 87-107).  New York: Plenum.



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