21 Steps to Sermon Prep: Part 1

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1. Pray for God’s direction throughout the process. Prayer is foundational to preparation.

    2. Choose the topic and/or passage(s). If you are a beginner start with a gospel text. If you have experience in preaching try an Old Testament text. Have some fun!

      3. Pray for an understanding of the text’s original meaning. Ask God to lead you to the truth of His word without bias.

        4. Study the passage exegetically. Acquire some first-class tools (such as: Strong’s Concordance, Bible Dictionary) for good exegetical work.

          5. Write out the exegetical outline and proposition. Find the “big idea” in the text. Be careful not to force the idea; let the idea emerge.

          6. Pray for an understanding for the text’s timeless truth. Investigating the timeless truth is critical in validating the actual meaning of the text.

            7. Study the passage theologically. Each book of the Bible has a unique offer to the theological formation of the believer.

            Written by Andre M. Rogers, D.Min. Professor of Pastoral Ministries at CIU 

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