21 Steps to Sermon Prep: Part 2

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8. Write out the theological outline and proposition. Don’t be tempted to skip this phase of the process. Writing out the theologically outline will only help the homiletical outline.

9. Pray for an understanding of the text’s contemporary relevance. Ask God how to make the truth of this text relevant to the hearer. There is not a scripture that’s irrelevant for the contemporary audience. 

10. Analyze the specific audience which is to hear the sermon. Sometimes surveys or media aids such as Facebook can help with this.

11. Ask and answer the Three Developmental Questions: (1) What does this mean?  (2) Is this really true? (3) How does this apply?

12. Write out a preliminary draft to help “discover” the true purpose. Finding the purpose will make the sermon clearer.

13. Determine and write out the purpose of the sermon. Remember the audience while writing.

14. Determine and write out the proposition of the sermon. Remember the “big idea” while writing.

Written by Andre M. Rogers, D.Min. Professor of Pastoral Ministries at CIU 

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