21 Steps to Sermon Prep: Part 3

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15. Determine and write out the structure of the sermon. Remember that the structure is not the sermon but it does bring order to the sermon.

16. Develop the structure with necessary support material. Be creative with your support material.

17. Plan and write out the conclusion. Plan how the sermon will end. Finishing well can be powerful to your message.

18. Plan and write out the introduction. Plan a start that will lead to life change.

19. Manuscript the entire sermon in a clear, oral style. Writing the sermon will lead to greater clarity.

20. Plan and practice the delivery of the sermon.  Following through with this part of  your sermon will expose places that may need additional development and focus.

21. Preach the sermon with prayer, but without notes. You can focus on the audience if you are not reading from your notes the entire time.

Written by Andre M. Rogers, D.Min. Professor of Pastoral Ministries at CIU 

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