365 Days of Thanksgiving

You may have seen people participating in the 30 days of thanksgiving on Facebook or Twitter. I had never seen this done, but I began to look forward to hearing about what those people were thankful for! It has been especially refreshing after the election to hear not complaining or arguing, but thanksgiving, on my news feed.

This evening my hall will have a thanksgiving meal together. I'm glad that we're doing it a week before Thanksgiving itself, since it gets me to start thinking about God's many blessings early! It doesn't take long for me to think of what I'm thankful for, so why don't I do it more often?

The idea of 30 days of thanksgiving has challenged me to make thanksgiving more of a habit in my life. Do I walk around thanking God and thanking others for the little and big ways they bless me? What if you and I decided to do a year of thanksgiving? What would it look like if our society was obsessed with being thankful 365 days a year? We would look on the bright side more often, count our blessings more carefully, and not take people and opportunities for granted.

I am excited to share the thanksgiving tradition with 21 sisters who have blessed my life for 3 months. We will share only one thing we are thankful for, but hopefully this will instill in us a habit of giving thanks more often.

Alex Dugas

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