Behind the Scenes

One of my favorite parts of college has been developing relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds and getting a glimpse into their worlds.

Over the course of four years, I’ve been able to meet countless siblings and parents of my CIU friends.  I’ve traveled as far as Missouri and Pennsylvania and made several trips to different cities in Florida.  Most recently, I had the chance to meet a friend’s family in Savannah and explore one of America’s favorite cities for the first time.

While I do love traveling to new places, what I treasure most about these opportunities is the insight it gives me into the lives of my friends.  There is so much to learn from observing how families interact, asking questions about unique traditions, and participating in a family’s daily routine.

During your time at CIU, get to know your friends’ families and, if they offer, visit their homes.  And while you’re at it, let them take a peek into your world too.

-Abbey Le Roy

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