Christian Counseling: Techniques or Attitude (Part 2)


The second attitude or belief is that every person regardless of whether they're a Christian or not, regardless of how often they attend church, or whatever moral standards they might have or not have, are also a part of the fall.  None of us meet the standard of who God is and who He wants us to be.  We are all fragile, frail, fallen, and easily frustrated.  As this belief or attitude takes root in the Christian counselor, his or her responses to clients should reflect this in different ways.  A Christian counselor should never view him or herself as above or better than any client, for we are all in need of God’s help.  A Christian counselor should not be easily surprised or flustered by individuals’ harmful, hurtful, and even hateful feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.  This is the truth of Romans 3: 23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” A Christian counselor must guard his or her own heart due to everyone’s propensity to fall. Most of all, a Christian counselor should have eyes of compassion and determined courage to help strengthen the soul of the client because Christian counselors recognize how this truth of the fall plays out in all our lives. 

Written by Harvey I. Payne, Psy.D. Dean of the College of Counseling 

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