Church During Your College Years

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Bill Hybels once said that the "local church is the hope of the world." This statement could not be more true today. The mission of the church is to serve the world as the hands and feet of Jesus. If the church does not show others the love of Christ, then who will? Since college is a time of great transition and change, it is now more important than ever to get plugged in with a local church body, serve, and help make an impact on the nations with the message of Christ.

The Gospel Coalition recently published an article about "Church and the College Years" that encourages college students to go to church, join a church, and serve a church. The author writes, "Find a church that preaches God's Word and holds true to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and go there during your college years. Get up on Sunday mornings. Get dressed. Leave your dorm. Grab a friend. And get to church on time."

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